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  1. Have you tried cleaning the cart? I have a Centipede cart for the Atari 8-bit that refused to work for a long time, even with basic cleaning. I then decided to dismantle the whole cart, ran an alcohol-covered Q-tip across all the pins, let it dry, and then used a pencil eraser on the pins. Needless to say, the cart hasn't given me a single problem since.
  2. I'll pick one up for the heck of it if there's a holiday season discount to be found. Too cute to pass up! Hopefully someone will make a mod so that it can run more games, or do something in the same vein as The Ultimate Intellivision/Colecovision Flashback.
  3. Bump. Added a copy of Mike Tyson's Puch Out!
  4. I'll try and get some pictures up soon! No I didn't. Wasn't even aware that there was a bonus sticker pack! Maybe it's because I ordered my stuff from Tillys.
  5. NES has been traded off. Price has been dropped on the Sears Video Arcade II, and I'm asking just $100 shipped for the 3DS XL!
  6. My Donkey Kong shoes and T-shirt arrived a few days ago. They're just as awesome as I thought they would be!
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