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  1. Yeah, was referring to more the monthly, own at end. It's 0% APR financing. I read the fine print, it's actually financed by Citizens Bank on back end. On electronics, most people view that as rent to own from the old Conn's or Aaron's model, which is similar... don't forget your bank owns your car & house until paid off, not you 😎. Either way, seems like a great deal. Reminds me of how cell phone carriers will just spread your phone hardware cost out over the term with no interest. That's what Verizon does anyway.
  2. Don't forget All Access which is: Game Pass Ultimate + console hardware rental at 0% APR I did the math, you basically get 45 days free of game pass or save ~20 bucks. Halo Infinite multiplayer being free to play, no XBL Gold required is huge....
  3. Hope this helps some folks. Looks like a Twitter account to follow on releases. I don't have Twitter lol. Article saying All Access getting stock. Strange there was no direct link for MS, only retailers. https://www.techradar.com/news/massive-xbox-series-x-restock-at-gamestop-today-but-theres-a-catch This + Insiders getting Emails to buy... means stock at stores will be thin...
  4. So reportedly, MS Emailing Xbox Insiders for new consoles to circumvent scalpers. Selling direct. Go sign up for that. Can we confirm All Access sub route has consoles available? I haven't looked at that in some time & it was a weird sign up process. Hopefully gotten streamlined. I'd consider that... Even the Xbox One S & especially One X consoles are going for good money on eBay right now. Can confirm we're also seeing major impacts of chip shortage & manufacturing bottle necks in work life. I have clients waiting 100+ days for big name OEM network switching & wireless from me. I'm being told auto manufacturers are being given priority right now. Look at the empty Chevy lots next time you drive by one. Auto expects it to get better later in year. Tech industry wide... hearing into 2022 unfortunately. Right now, hitting everyone hard.
  5. Hm, is that an evolution of project Tempest? Thanks for all the input guys. I did DL VJ core within RetroArch. Haven't done much testing. Still need to try Phoenix. Appreciate the links and English patch 👍
  6. Unfortunately it's common with Euro platformers that were on Amiga because that control scheme fit KBM better. Didn't translate well to d pads. Pretty commonly agreed upon.
  7. @CyranoJ, assuming you test on Skunk/Alpine vs emu? You test at all in VJ? I work in technology sector, but not a coder or software engineer by any means. Some of the ST ports have headers to prevent from working on anything outside of cart, right? I'd be DLing above board, off your pinned threads. Feedback on other homebrew available for legit DL & emu?
  8. Thanks on ST. Miss that emu thread bc it wasn't in Jag sub-forum 😎. Will check out.
  9. All really helpful. I will dig into VJ on RA core this weekend for the first time in a few years. Does VJ run the ST ports available for DL? I know I've seen testing/build scree shots of some homebrew running within it. I honestly had forgot about Project Tempest. I didn't have good luck with it previously. Assuming it runs Tempest 😆 so ok in my book.
  10. Hey guys, been some time since I dove into Jag emu. I made a Virtual Jaguar compatibility chart several years ago here... but seems like things have progressed quite a bit in emu scene in. A few questions: - How is the VJ core in Retro Arch? I'm on PC. - Is Phoenix the best option & is it available in English now? - Do majority of the homebrew & ports (released for proper DL) work in VJ? Phoenix? Thanks all.
  11. REALLY AWESOME to see Beast Busters. It was always on my list of games I'd like to see on the Jaguar! Check all the "what if" threads LOL... light gun wishes included. Any chance the mouse adapter works? Does the game code need to have it baked in? Either way, great work guys.
  12. This ebay seller makes a device similar. He may be worth PMing. https://www.ebay.com/itm/174316666901 His essentially looks like a new ScatBox (not cat box): https://www.exxoshost.co.uk/atari/mirror/myatari/issues/mar2003/scatbox.htm
  13. So when you attach a cat box or similar, what is being output from the DB9 video port? I guess I just always incorrectly assumed it tapped into RGB & output 15Khz VGA as RGBHV. Looks like that's not the case. Related... can the Jag output CSYNC over SCART natively?
  14. While I also dig my physical media, keep in mind the VAST majority of games these days require patches or receive significant updates impacting (often improving) gameplay. Years from now, let's hope the XB1 games can be manually patched (this is doable on a modded 360 with no XBL). Archiving these patches is an odd area of preservation that isn't discussed much. Let's hope it picks up steam. I bought a physical copy of Master Chief Collection... then proceeded to have over 80GB downloaded from XBL 🤣. WTH!? Also keep in mind, disc games DL to HDD & run from system HDD. They no longer read data in real time from DVD/BD drive. To my knowledge this is all games, but may be exceptions. I still buy some physical games but seems to be making less & less sense year over year.
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