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  1. In all the years of "Quake & Tomb Raider on Jag" threads ... I've never seen this magazine screenshot. Or even when MK3 is talked about What magazine is this? Is there any credibility to even thinking Quake was started? I thought someone from Id Soft squashed that rumor. GBA "port" is really an awesome programming feat.
  2. This may help get you going right path on VGA research:
  3. @tripled79 the staggering dates makes sense. As I understand it, part of JTS/Atari "merger" was that JTS agreed to continued support of the Jag for a couple years. Looks like that fell primarily to Telegames releases. @PeterG nice tid bit I've never heard. Did they arrive fairly close or did they want to send buyers something while they finalized encryption troubleshooting & discs print? Thanks for the JEO volume heads up @jguff. Will DL those zip files & read. Edit: typos
  4. Thanks @PeterG. Dug up these pics for comparison. Solid intel. Interested if any1 recalls the date range the cart was released in limited quantities originally?
  5. Thanks for clarification. Does any1 know the history on when then IS2 cart was released? Then, is it only missing the cut scenes? Only compromise? I always forget about HS-CD, think more of it as a Pseudo sequel. Good point 👍
  6. Back when IS2 was originally released (looks like between '96 & '98 JTS/Hasbro limbo timeframe) & sold on EB shelves, was it a simultaneous dual release on cart & CD? ... or did one version come later? Just curious ... if so, interesting it's the only official retail example of this (know more post life titles did this later). Pic saved from an old Mad Man response:
  7. Welcome man. Bit of quirky group that's had a chip on its shoulder for almost 30 years 😆, but I enjoy it. ... Does the Checkered Flag steering patch work on GD or just emu? Been meaning to try it for too long...
  8. Do we happen to know a release date? Going to be a trip playing Cybermorph in 4K 😂
  9. Looking forward to the episode! I find Shinto's software engineer logic around the code, engine, & timeline logical (pun intended). The conspiracy theory is fun though. Timed exclusives, higher res assets, etc all still "strategically" happen today.
  10. This is the kind of info I was hunting. Pls keep those of us w/o Twitter in the loop. That does at least imply they talked to Rebellion about their catalog. AvP will be a no-go due to licensing, but I wouldn't have been surprised to see Checkered Flag. Anything beyond the 6 included Jag games shown is fun speculation. We'll see. Hoping we get access to that emulator... Also, great to see a cheaper route to play Atari Karts & giving the masses access to T2K.
  11. @Atariboy I get the alphabetical menu approach but that assumes the final made it to the trailer & nothing is added over the next 4 to 5 months leading to November. It's not like the old days, a gold master disc for printing is a thing of the past. You're buying a physical disc lic key that often has missing data & a day 1 DL patch. .. then again, 6 titles is over 10% of the cartridge library 😎
  12. Came here for "Jaguar Mini Exist" references & you guys didn't disappoint 😂 Interesting to see the Jaguar acknowledged. 🤔 Has that even officially happened since Hasbro '99 release of rights? I like Cybermorph more than most. Would like to see Iron Soldier added with others to showcase the Jag. The rights & licensing get interesting quick though. For those of you with Twitter (not me)... pls keep us updated from the emu creator. Would be amazing to see it made publicly... This is a purchase for me on Xbox platform.
  13. Thought someone might find this helpful. I was on a similar question track back in 2015... 6+ years ago but somehow 14 years after OP 😆 In summary, most consider 6 late Telegames titles (Worms, IS2, WTR, BO2K, Zero5 and Towers II) as official, along with Air Cars. So think that's 50 carts + the CD tities.
  14. Great interview guys. Really enjoyed listening while finishing up my work week today. Really interesting 👍
  15. Well... looks like MS is hearing this feedback. Check out this patent filed 😳 Microsoft has plans for an Xbox Series S external disc drive: https://www.techradar.com/news/microsoft-has-plans-for-an-xbox-series-s-external-disc-drive
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