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  1. This ebay seller makes a device similar. He may be worth PMing. https://www.ebay.com/itm/174316666901 His essentially looks like a new ScatBox (not cat box): https://www.exxoshost.co.uk/atari/mirror/myatari/issues/mar2003/scatbox.htm
  2. So when you attach a cat box or similar, what is being output from the DB9 video port? I guess I just always incorrectly assumed it tapped into RGB & output 15Khz VGA as RGBHV. Looks like that's not the case. Related... can the Jag output CSYNC over SCART natively?
  3. While I also dig my physical media, keep in mind the VAST majority of games these days require patches or receive significant updates impacting (often improving) gameplay. Years from now, let's hope the XB1 games can be manually patched (this is doable on a modded 360 with no XBL). Archiving these patches is an odd area of preservation that isn't discussed much. Let's hope it picks up steam. I bought a physical copy of Master Chief Collection... then proceeded to have over 80GB downloaded from XBL 🤣. WTH!? Also keep in mind, disc games DL to HDD & run from system HDD. They no longer read data in real time from DVD/BD drive. To my knowledge this is all games, but may be exceptions. I still buy some physical games but seems to be making less & less sense year over year.
  4. @Greg2600 this should lead you in the right direction. If you can't find files, I can pull them off my xbox & Email over. There's 2 versions. The one I pictured stuck more to original but the other has IP, HDD space, etc on main dash. Keep in mind, you can strictly pull all that info from settings.
  5. Here's Jeff's profile. Hasn't logged onto AA in 8 months. https://atariage.com/forums/profile/757-yak/ I've been eyeing 4k. Had no idea there was a physical copy. Thanks for the tip.
  6. Disc images online are the wild west. I've find they work probably 65% of the time. You may also need to clear your xbox cache from time to time when loading from HDD. Do this if you get hang ups on loads or something similar to "failed to load maps" errors This is the Unleashed Skin I use. It's made to mimic the original dash, but still allows you to use custom icons as you'll see with Halo 2 pic. I have nostalgia for that original green look.
  7. +1 Kid Ice. Another easy purchase from me.
  8. ... looks like I may be getting my wish 😯. Made similar comments over the years when we've discussed mouse support and/or light guns. Thurs is awesome guys! .
  9. Bump. Killer price on a modded console bundle.
  10. Transparent blue at least indicates it is a spectre vs a standard Pinky. I dig it. You can see in Chris' post above that you can indeed see the wall textures through the enemy sprite. Something I honestly never expected to see on the Jaguar.
  11. Yup. Nightmare Spectre. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/File:NightmareSpectre.png
  12. Seems to be some implications that DOOM came out too late when the Jag had dug its grave. Wasn't it released only about ~7 or so months after the general launch (not test market)? November '94. It was also after Wolf 3D, Tempest 2K, & AvP. There was solid software available even before DOOM. Add: I've always wanted to see Beast Buster with light gun support! Here's a screenshot of the ST release. [
  13. Just showing my support. Keep it up guys. I'm floored on all fronts! I find this freaking fascinating as a huge DOOM fan. Entertain me... - What would you collectively say allowed you do things others said wasn't doable? - Years & years of knowing the hardware (both limitations & abilities) to credit? - Would it have been doable for id to do this with more time or did they really push far for the time, being a fairly early release?
  14. +1 schnuth Bought items from me. Extremely patient with my work schedule & USPS craziness. Awesome buyer.
  15. Awesome work guys. Seriously, someone tweet this progress to John! Here is Carmack talking about the Jaguar in reference to Wolf 3D. 18:39 & 19:37 mark. "The Jaguar version was probably my favorite" ... then references shoulder buttons. Odd. Must've planned for them then came up with hold button scheme. I've heard him praise Doom on Jag also but can't find it. He mentioned programming it in a cabin IIRC. I know he does get away coding sessions. Hope you guys found that as interesting as I did.
  16. ... this was a notable John Carmack-ism in case that went over any1's head. Love it. Nice work guys. I've actually heard Carmack mention his love for the Wolf & Doom Jag ports in an interview. Oddly enough he mentioned shoulder buttons, making me think he coded it at one point. You guys should tweet this at him once done. He'll dig it.
  17. Ahhh. Spoiling me with the audio interviews. Will give this a read.
  18. Not showing up yet on Stitcher. Looking forward to it. I've been going back & listening to past episodes as well. Good work man.
  19. This is awesome Carl! Congrats. Time for the Jag fumes to cause fever dreams... Really high level question on that note 😆... would it be theoretically possible for Battlemorph to run off a cart with cut scenes removed? IS2 style.
  20. Bump for posters, manuals, OEM SNES cleaning kit, & PS2 USB headset. Lots of new... well, old stuff.
  21. Nice info Pete. Any truth to the US TG warehouse burning down? Bringing down other completed Jag games? Brain Games rumored to be one. We may getting into Lost Dragon's territory there
  22. This game just feels like a SHUMP programmed by people who have never played a SHUMP. Also, Atari was still using extremely small game development teams at this point. In multiple interviews I've read & heard that was an issue. They were stuck in the 2600/7800 mindset that a couple of people (or even 1 programmer) could develop a quality, robust title. Is it possible, yea (see Super Burnout). Is it likely, no.
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