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  1. Does anyone have tips or (even better) a video on exactly how to install a new port (hole) in the back of your XL case for routing out something like Sophia video? I'm looking for the best way to do this, the parts and tools required, and any tips. thanks! Randy
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  3. The response to Tandy Assembly has been fabulous and we’re ecstatic that we’re able to continue to offer this annual show to the vintage computer community and Radio Shack fans everywhere! Tandy Assembly 2019 (the third iteration!) will take place on September 27th, 28th & 29th 2019 in Springfield, Ohio. We are very excited to announce that we are adding a day this year to Tandy Assembly and will be offering a new Friday feature called Tandy Tech Track!! This will be a selection of highly technical topics presented by some of the leading figures in the Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 vintage computing community. Exhibitor Registration is also now open, so if you have some cool Tandy stuff you want to show, please sign up! While we have some speakers lined up as well, we still have openings for speakers to present interesting topics, so let us know if you have an interest. We are planning to have an auction again this year as well, so please plan to bring any items you would be willing to donate to the event to offset the cost of producing it. Any donations are much appreciated! Finally, we would love to have you sponsor the event, if you are able to help out. Sponsorships also help cover the costs of the show and help you advertise your hardware, software, business or service to vintage computer community. All the details are at http://www.tandyassembly.com Thank you!, The Tandy Assembly Team
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    I would like one!! Randy
  5. Hi, Alsp, I would be interested.
  6. Sorry, yes, didn't see that post. However, I went out to place an order and that company (RapidObject) doesn't appear to ship to the US. At least when I tried to register, United States was not an option.
  7. As the organizer of the meetings, please let me know if any of you are in the Indianapolis area and would like to be added to the email list, so you'll be notified when meetings happen. We would love to have more people, no matter your favorite vintage computer! Here's the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/214163899161289/ Randy Kindig
  8. Hi, guys, I'm having this same problem, but on an 800XL. I don't believe this solution to be correct. I've tried this route. The new socket provided by Simius is as low-profile as you can get, with it being the exact same height as the pins are. I've looked at other low-profile sockets and none are shorter; at least it doesn't appear so. I'd be very interested to have DavidMil weigh in on this, or anyone, if they have a solution that doesn't require de-soldering a socket and resoldering the chip to the board to get the offending chip out of the way of the Sophia board. thanks Randy
  9. Wow, crickets from this list. I guess no one is making these.
  10. Has anyone made the replacement heads from the STL files? I tried to do the replacement and everything seemed fine before I turned it on. However, the combs must have been slightly bent or I didn't have the print head quite correctly placed and it tore the new head. Is anyone making these? Randy
  11. Neat haul! Who is the developer? Might make a good interview for ANTIC. Randy co-host ataripodcast.com
  12. thanks, Ed, there definitely is still time and I would love as many memories for the podcast as people are willing to submit! Randy
  13. Upcoming Floppy Days podcast episode will be on the Sinclair ZX80/81. I need one or more experts on the machine to help. Are there any out there? thanks! Randy Kindig host floppydays.com
  14. hi, all, I’m having an issue with my DVI box and was hoping someone on this list could point me in the right direction or had suggestions. I have a really clean DVI I recently purchased. The picture showed that it booted to the initial screen off of the boot disk, so I assumed the drive and the DVI itself were good. The seller did not misrepresent it. They showed it booting to the initial screen and did not test it further with an M100 and DVI cable. I got a cable and boot disks (with backup disk as well) from someone else that was tested to be good. When I hooked up the M100 and cable to the DVI, it indeed booted off of the disk. At that point, you reset the M100 and it’s then supposed to load further software off the disk and the screen of the M100 is now routed to the monitor, with more columns and rows. However, when I reset the M100 nothing happens. It doesn’t matter whether I soft reset or hard reset. To verify this setup further, I bought a second M100 and tried it to take that out of the equation. No difference. I then got a second cable from the gentlemen who was making the cables to make sure the cable wasn’t the issue. No difference. I can only conclude that there’s some inside the DVI box. The tests point to the fact that all other parts of the chain are fine: M100, cable, disks, disk drive. Does anyone have any experience with the DVI box? I have the electronic form of the service manual, but it gets into electronic troubleshooting for which I don’t have the skills or experience. Any help would be much appreciated. Randy kindig
  15. I hope I'm around to give that interview If I am, I doubt I'll remember my own name, let alone what happened with the Antic podcast.
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