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  1. Wow, love it when the listeners do all the work to find people to interview! Thanks much!
  2. Might be a good one to interview concurrently with or near in timing with Jaron. We can see if Jaron has contact info (if Jaron responds). thank you! Randy
  3. thank you for the info! i've already made an attempt to contact Jaron so we'll see if he responds. Randy
  4. It turns out that there's no Atari connection to Jaron Lanier that I can find, although he does have a very interesting past. Not really pertinent to ANTIC. However, maybe for Floppy Days.... thanks
  5. This is great! i have a MegaST with Gotek drive. Is there a way I can use this with that? thanks Ranfy
  6. Thank you for the offer! Much appreciated. I contacted FlashJazzCat and he's sending me a properly programmed chip. Terrific guy!
  7. Great! Thank you very much! I've got it downloaded. Randy
  8. I updated the U1MB in my 800XL to 3.1 with no problem. Then... I tried updating the firmware on my SIDE2 cart to 3.1 as well and now the machine seems bricked. Screen comes up but stays at blue screen. I think I might have updated the U1MB firmware with the SIDE2 image. How can I fix this? thanks. Randy
  9. Allan, that’s great! If you ever want to sell any of your dupes, let me know. I love the smell of paper and that was one of my favorite Atari magazines! You deserve a lot of thanks for archiving all this stuff. Randy
  10. That's funny... definitely a sign of the times. I appreciate whatever you can do. Randy
  11. Definitely interested in the 1992 WAACE AtariFest as the AtariFest and World of Atari shows are the ones on which I'm focused at this time. I would love to get that! I would be happy to scan it if you're willing to send to me and I can return to you. Of course, you don't know me, but I host both the ANTIC and Floppy Days Podcast (for 7 years now) if that makes a difference. Thanks and let me know!
  12. Allan, great job posting Current Notes! This is really helpful in looking for AtariFest/World of Atari information. Thanks, sir!
  13. I believe I went to one of them in Fairfax. I would love to see one of the programs! Please let me know if you find it. thanks
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