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  1. Gotta follow this one. Can’t wait for the JagCD support to go live. Thanks for all your hard work SainT!
  2. I second this. Very well made and a sight to behold. Had to kick myself of the demo unit at eJagFest as it was getting late. A worthy addition at this price as a premium rotary. Cant compare them to mine at all.
  3. Sorry no word yet on that but I will say that what Ive seen so far is epic cheesyness at it finest.
  4. No sorry, those arent mine. Mine are the horrible simple thin black and white nametape labels everyone makes fun of. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F283265980077
  5. That label is actually from me. I did some quick and dirty labels when I first got the roms. I only sold a few carts with those labels and some people got them as gifts. Theyre not very good so I stopped using them in favor of the super generic nametape labels. Someone here is working on labels and even box art that is really great. I make TRF carts for $35 a piece and I pay shipping (except over eBay). I will (and have in the past) ship to any part of the world. They used to be cheaper but I had to get cart pcbs from a new source and theyre a little more expensive. Heres a link to that label https://www.dropbox.com/s/aob2pe9qzr4gax7/TRFB.jpg?dl=0
  6. Oh man. Cant wait to get a fat stack more of these boards. Im in love. So easy to work with and so many possibilities.
  7. I thought about it, but I decided that the jog-con and neg-con controllers work fine. Now, on to T4K 😉
  8. The sensitivity feels fine. Theres no way to adjust it though. Its a physical characteristic of how this particular rotary is made. The only way would be to take it apart and replace the optical disk, which i have seen done. I would say that it does what I want and it feels natural. Think more arcade Tempest and less T2K with a modded Jag pad.
  9. So it looks like I have 3 Nuon Yak Spinner controller boards from Lee Olivares coming in about a week. I plan on modding an Xbox Duke controller and adding a rotary. Thinking about documenting the entire process on video, with a final video presentation as a follow up to my eJagFest 2013 presentation. Its been quite a marathon and it seems like the finish line is in sight.
  10. Or you can use the board to turn any cheap usb controller into a nuon controller ❤ Cant wait to get my hands on those boards!
  11. Thanks to Gary DuVall, we can all enjoy these prototype Jag roms. Throw them in your skunk, zap that .abs on a disk, or split that rom and build a cart. Either way you want, these are great to experience as a piece of Jaguar history. Better yet, throw the whole deal on a micro sd card and wait patiently for the RetroHQ SD Flash Cart from SainT to get released.... The zip is a bit too big to upload in its entirety, so a DB link will have to do for now. If anyone wants to re-archive it as 2 pieces and upload it that way, go for it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4krm8stthhzekkh/DuVall%20Collection.7z?dl=0
  12. I converted a 20th Anniversary SF2 xbobx/ps2 stick to a 6 button Jag stick. Works great but was a ton of work.
  13. Seeing some funny things on K model Jags with the beta rom. The fighter sprites jump up to the top 3rd of the screen. Can anyone confirm? Ive got a M model I think. Ive never seen this happen.
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