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  1. Is anyone else particularly interested in E3 this year? Looks like a lot of exciting announcements have aleady been made, and with Morpheus likely getting big-time attention and XB1 supposedly presenting their strongest first party lineup in years, it should be quite the occasion. Even PC has its own conference this year. Shame about Nintendo keeping mum about Zelda and NX, though; here's hoping Starfox and whatever else they show is/are incredible...

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    2. DeputyMoniker


      Sega would mix things up, for sure. Back on topic: PC and Oculus aren't really my things. I'm out of the PC loop and the next time I own a "gaming PC' will be when all the processing is done in the cloud.

    3. DeputyMoniker


      END OF LINE[]

    4. Keatah


      That would be the last time I own a PC.


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