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  1. I apologize for any hurt feelings I may have caused. In many ways I feel my statements regarding the chat situation were justified, but it's not like me to engage in that kind of negativity. Time to move forward.

  2. Looks amazing. Nice work.
  3. I've heard it has a lot of RPG elements, with leveling up of different abilities and different weapons/armor/etc. However, it's obvoiusly a work in progress, so who knows.
  4. I still don't have any convincing reason to play my XB1. PS4 for the win. But Wii U is comparable, especially with the Virtual Console.
  5. I have a modded genny controller and it's very usable. I don't hate the CV controller though.
  6. I haven't used mine much but it was working fine when I used it; first run.
  7. Do an aileron roll!

    1. DeputyMoniker


      Not nearly as catchy. :P

  8. Is anyone else particularly interested in E3 this year? Looks like a lot of exciting announcements have aleady been made, and with Morpheus likely getting big-time attention and XB1 supposedly presenting their strongest first party lineup in years, it should be quite the occasion. Even PC has its own conference this year. Shame about Nintendo keeping mum about Zelda and NX, though; here's hoping Starfox and whatever else they show is/are incredible...

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    2. Keatah


      E3 is still relevant?

    3. DoctorTom


      Only to people who find the videogame industry relevant.

    4. DoctorTom


      I can see there is NOT much interest. lol

  9. Just updating to try to get that crude 7-11 story off the page. :)

  10. The 8 bit version is really good, and the SNES version is incredible, but I prefer the music on the CV version, which actually is the music from the arcade PROTOTYPE, rather than the released arcade game. As much as I love the 2600, I personally feel that version doesn't hold a candle to the one on CV, like most (all?) games shared on those platforms.
  11. I think PS4 will surpass Wii U as my fave new gen console within the next 12 months. Xbone has been a waste of a gaming machine for me. Nice streaming device though.
  12. Great news, Opcode. I trust DKA will be the first release.
  13. Modern, and here's why...I played the 2600, CV, NES, SNES, etc., when they were modern. And if you had given me in 1980 a glimpse into the future of a game like Demon's Souls, when I was playing (and loving) Adventure on the 2600, I would have absolutely flipped at how awesome gaming would be down the road -- and Adventure would have then seemed lame in comparison. I love retro titles, largely for nostalgia, sometimes for rock solid old fashioned gameplay. But I'm a modern gaming guy, bottom line.
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