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  1. The 8 bit version is really good, and the SNES version is incredible, but I prefer the music on the CV version, which actually is the music from the arcade PROTOTYPE, rather than the released arcade game.


    As much as I love the 2600, I personally feel that version doesn't hold a candle to the one on CV, like most (all?) games shared on those platforms.

  2. Modern, and here's why...I played the 2600, CV, NES, SNES, etc., when they were modern. And if you had given me in 1980 a glimpse into the future of a game like Demon's Souls, when I was playing (and loving) Adventure on the 2600, I would have absolutely flipped at how awesome gaming would be down the road -- and Adventure would have then seemed lame in comparison.


    I love retro titles, largely for nostalgia, sometimes for rock solid old fashioned gameplay. But I'm a modern gaming guy, bottom line.


    • The spteaser.rom is still available on its official website, http://spacepatrol.info/
    • The teaser has the first 10 checkpoints of all 8 courses.
    • I did do a microrelease at CGE2012.
    • I do plan to get another physical release out someday, after LTO Flash!
    • I will release the full source code and ROM for the 2007 edition once that last physical release gets made. The source code is out there already, just without all the level data.



    Thanks, intvnut! Sounds great, I guess you're just behind your original timetable.


    For what it's worth, I do own the cart, I would just prefer to play it via emulation.

  4. It's been nearly another year since the promise of Space Patrol being released to ROM. Will this ever happen? We really need this game made available to those of us who cannot come to grips with the INTV controller... I'd be happy to pay full price for such a ROM.

  5. This is a stellar game and surely homebrew of the year. I absolutely love what has been done here.


    I did notice the shots travel much faster in the X direction than Y direction, similar to the running speed. Not sure if that's something that could or should be balanced, but it might be nice. Also, I feel as though your character as a whole is able to run a bit too quickly, but that can also be a very good thing as the game gets more chaotic.


    I think the only item on my wish list would be a random maze generator, but I have no idea if that is at all possible, given space limitations.


    Again, major kudos and thanks!

  6. Received two McBoot cards in good condition in a fairly timely fashion. Have yet to test them. Will add follow-up later once I do. Busterm was nice enough to follow-up with me to make sure I received them.

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