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  1. Generally, yes - that's how it works, in the business of well-wishing to others. Are you oblivious to this, or do you have some super-alternative approach?


    That kind of sentiment ("just stay positive and it'll all work out fine") simply rubs me the wrong way. It' s not true, and it comes across as patronizing and minimizing the gravity of the situation -- at least to me. Maybe it' s because I see so much illness at work and have had a lot of bad health issues in my family, I' m not sure. But I guess it could have gone unsaid. Sorry to offend.

  2. Come on!!! :D


    But seriously, all you need is the Stand-Alone ADAM Memory Console with it's built-in ColecoVision and a converted PC Power Supply like the one DJPUBBA sells. You don't need the Printer, Keyboard and for that matter Data Drive. You would then have yourself a very reliable ColecoVision Game System that already has Composite Video Output, doesn't suffer from the blown Octal Buffer controller chip problem, doesn't suffer from the On/Off Power Switch issue and is only a little bigger than a ColecoVision with the brick of a Power Transformer.


    You'd even have room under the Memory Console lid to store stuff. ;)


    Shiver...Too many nightmares about the ADAM crashing just as I was finishing an English paper..no thanks!

  3. Wow, Curt, I'm amazed you have the strength/will to type all of this in the hospital under such physical duress. I had a much lesser surgery and had no interest in checking emails or anything for a good week. Prayers have gone up for you.

  4. Yes, please take care of yourself and best wishes that you can get well as soon as possible. So the replacement valve is leaking ... reminds me of my friend who has had some minor surgeries lately due to her poor health (she as only one [weak] kidney), and several recent complications of hers were caused by bleeding after surgery. How hard can it be for doctors to do it right the first time, I wonder. I guess that's why docs call their career "a practice".


    Very easy to criticize from afar, isn't it?

  5. Congratulations for beating all the levels in the demo version. I was thinking to adjust the levels to be easier because one of my testers just can't pass the 3rd level, but you convinced me that the difficulty level might be fine after all. You suggest that this game should loop back and I will see what is possible to do about it; it wasn't in my original plan but I do tend to change idea during the development process of an original game.


    The music is quite nice and took some days to complete... specialy when it was time to adjust its volume so the voice over doesn't sound too quiet.


    And about resampling the voice over by a real girl... well, it's already the case.


    Sorry if I misunderstood about the voice -- it's probably the CV audio limitations leading to diminishment of certain harmonics...


    And thanks for being open-minded about my suggestions! If the game could loop back with each time faster enemies and/or enemies that cause greater damage (or both), I think that would do the trick.


    Also, I'd be happy to test changes to this game and/or test other games for you in the future, should you have a need.


    Thanks again!

  6. First of all, let me just say, Daniel, THANK YOU! This has all the makings of a great game! I am very excited to see the final copy.


    I DID get through all 5 or 6 levels (can't remember) without dying once, though. I hope the game loops back around after the boss battle and keeps getting harder? Or even better -- more levels? The game should not have an end but just keep getting more difficult. Could you tell me if that is the plan? If so, you may want to implement a point system, although that's not necessarily required by any means.


    IF the game is only going to be 5 or 6 levels plus/minus boss, then it is too easy as currently constituted and won't have much replay value, at least for me.


    Also, LOVE the music! However...can you re-record Flora's voice using a girl, rather than man's falsetto voice? It would sound a lot more natural.


    Thanks again!

  7. Asteroids and/or Asteroids Deluxe (both have 2P co-op), Pac Man collection, Space Invaders, Centipede (2P co-op), Food Fight. Some of the other mentioned games I already have on other systems, such as Dig Dug, but I'm sure they're good on 7800, too.


    There are a bunch of great games on 2600 but a lot of stinkers too; there are plenty of game reviewers out there to consult for those.

  8. I recently played through ALL of the officially releasd ROMs (for those who care, it's over 500 games). I whittled it down to 22 great games, and I arrived at my 10 best (the top 5 were a piece of cake, while the bottom 5 were much tougher to nail down). Although I am still not 100% certain about the precise order, here are my top 10:


    1. Adventure

    2. Missile Command

    3. Yar's Revenge

    4. Demon Attack

    5. Frogger

    6. Space Invaders

    7. Superman

    8. Kaboom!

    9. Circus Atari

    10. Solar Storm


    #10 has a chance to move up considerably -- I just recently discovered it.

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