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  1. You should definitely give Baseball another try. I guess not having the instructions or overlays is affecting your enjoyment of the game. I really think it's the best baseball on any classic system.

    I agree with you about Mission X. I think Snafu is a lot of fun, though, if you can find a second player. Golf is really well done, but quite complicated without the instructions or overlays. A much better version was released by Intv Corp., called "Chipshot Golf" that incorporates much of its features, but it's way more streamlined. Definitely a must-have title for the Intellivision.

    I don't think there are many fans of Autoracing, but it's actually pretty interesting. If you give it a try. I personally like the unique control scheme, and this can be a blast to play with two players. The addition of all the different cars with different attributes adds a lot of the game. This was actually my inspiration for adding additional playable characters to DK Arcade.


    I am definitely curious about Chipshot. And I think perhaps I was on too easy a difficulty setting on Baseball; the computer was unable to catch any flyballs I hit.


    I like the look of Auto Racing and especially the car options. I might have to keep working on that steering...


    BTW, I love your inclusion of characters in D2K -- it adds a lot of replay value to the game.

  2. I may have to just go to Best Buy as was recommended and test drive the INTV on different units. But I can't take ALL my systems, and now I'm almost wondering if I shouldn't just be thankful that everything else is working just great on my current TV! :)


    I could try another INTV but don't really know that I want to spend the money on one...

  3. So D2K arrived yesterday, and I was initially really upset, because objects were disappearing all over the place, making the game unplayable. Then Willy at Elektronite was kind enough to let me know about the 30 fps mode, which is necessary to use with some HDTVs (I should have just looked at the manual! :)). Of course, now I can see all the sprites, but there is a fair amount of flicker, and I know the game can look much better than this on the proper TV.


    Consider all of this, plus the overall image "jumpiness" problem I have been having, I am thinking about upgrading my HDTV and passing the current one on to family that could use it. But I need your recommendations -- which HDTV do you own with which the INTV is fully compatible? Specifically, I would like to hear from those of you running D2K in normal (non-30 fps) mode.



  4. I am hoping the 7800 XM comes out, but if not...there's D2K on the Intellivision (as TrekMD said above) that includes half of the Jumpman Returns screens, and there will be a DK Arcade likely to include all of the Jumpman Returns screens coming out next year for ColecoVision for the new Super Game Module. However, SGM is currently sold out.

  5. Got my Intellivision! (Actually, Sears Super Video Arcade.) It came one day earlier than expected, which was a nice surprise. Just set it up a couple hours ago.


    Another surprise -- I didn't realize the system was coming with any games! (Not sure how I missed that on the ebay post. :)) Here's what came with it:


    Poker and Blackjack

    Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

    Lock 'N' Chase

    Tron Deadly Discs

    Auto Racing


    NFL Football

    World Championship Baseball

    Armor Battle


    Mission X


    Donkey Kong

    And a "mystery game" with no cartridge label = Burgertime.


    Unfortunately, none of the games came with any boxes OR overlays. Kind of a bummer.


    First impressions on the good...Burgertime is GREAT. I am NOT a big fan of this game on Colecovision, but this version is brighter, more colorful, features bigger sprites, and most importantly -- level design is better (I was surprised there was such a substantial difference), and the "baddie" programming is less random and is at least a little bit predictable, which makes it eminently more playable. You guys were right on the money about this one. D&D is really fun, but I could use an overlay. :) Lock 'N' Chase seems excellent as well, but I am having some controller issues with that one; hopefully as I practice I'll get better. :) Baseball is a lot of fun, but I prefer NES baseball for classic baseball action. Tron is a keeper -- I liked it on Atari and like it better on INTV thus far. Blackjack and Poker is kinda fun but nothing special. Golf is OK.


    First impressions on the not-so-good...Auto Racing seems REALLY hard. Ditto Motocross. I probably will not be playing these much. Mission X seems like a poor man's River Raid. Snafu is alright, but I'd rather play something else. Donkey Kong -- enough said. Football and Armor Battle I need someone else to play with...


    BTW, a couple questions...the video output "jumps" slightly every few seconds on my flatscreen; this does NOT happen with my other classic game systems, even when using the same cable. This is a channel independent problem. Is this a known problem? Any thoughts on what to do about it, if anything?


    I believe D2K and Space Patrol should reach me this week. Can't wait for those!

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