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  1. The NES version of DK has 3 screens, and even those are not arcade-perfect. Although Jr. has 4 screens on NES, it also is not arcade-perfect. I think the SGM version(s) will end up beating the NES versions out.


    BTW, the Atari XE/400/800 version of DK has all 4 screens, but it plays quite differently from the arcade version. That said, it is an awesome alternative version.

  2. I don't really agree that the first generation was comprised of kids of age 6. I think the biggest age group when Atari came out were kids around 10, and when Intellivision came out, these kids were in middle school and had been following sports teams pretty avidly for several years, and official licenses added to realistic sports games only added to the appeal. I personally recall being extremely jealous that my friend had an amazing MLB game to play, when I had Home Run on Atari! Also, marketing to adults was not a bad decision necessarily -- as adults were buying the machine, and sports licenses would be very impressive to them. In fact, my friend got the Intellivision because his father was so impressed with the sports games.


    I really think Intellivision could have been much more successful if Mattel had made a more manageable controller. For quick action games requiring good control, the Atari joystick and even more so the paddle can't be beat.

  3. Omitting what you already own:


    Pepper II (great game, and as far as I'm aware the only home version out there)

    Ladybug (intense, awesome game, lots of action and strategy)

    Beamrider (also great on the 2600 and the Intellivision)

    Centipede (if you don't have an arcade-accurate version already or the 7800 version, which is mint and has 2P co-op)

    Donkey Kong Jr. (ditto the above comment -- the NES version is mint)

    Frogger (best version other than Genesis, which is arcade-accurate)

    Front Line (requires the Super Action Controller)


    Jungle Hunt (arguably the best version out there, if you liked it in the arcade)

    River Raid (I prefer the 2600 version, but still a great game)

    Smurf Rescue and Cabbage Patch (if you have young kids)

    Cosmic Avenger (quite good if you like Scramble/Super Cobra type games, and again the only home version out there)


    I haven't had a chance to get any Homebrews yet, as many are sold out, but they look promising.



  4. Retroillucid, I think all four games you mentioned would be instant purchases for me. Certainly 3 of them. Thanks for your work!


    Ax, I pretty much agree with you. I would generally rather have the closest to the real thing arcade port or the best version otherwise available, and play that one pretty much exclusively. For example, take Moon Patrol...I really enjoy this game and like every available version I have played (for the most part), and I own a couple versions, but the best version to me is the arcade-perfect version available on PS1 (Midway's Greatest Hits Vol. 2).


    HOWEVER, I can't wait to get my hands on Space Patrol, because it is not only an arcade port but BUILDS on the original with additional backgrounds, new play mechanics, etc. I would purchase any and every homebrew that actually builds on the original levels and/or mechanics while remaining faithful to the arcade original.


    Relevant to your point, the upcoming DK for the CV will be by far the closest to the real thing ever released, surpassing the NES version, from what I understand. So that is a must purchase for me.

  5. Thanks for the warm welcome and the recommendations thus far! I have started doing some research. :)


    I will probably stick with Atari 2600/7800 and CV for multiplatform games that offer similar content, simply because of the controls. But I can't wait for Space Patrol and D2K, which offer more content than the Atari or CV counterparts. Also, I am very excited to check out all the original Intellivision titles, especially D&D/Swords and Serpents, Beauty and the Beast, Shark! Shark!, and many others. It's a whole new classic game world opened up to me, and I will certainly keep you informed! :)

  6. OK...so I was never a huge Intellivision fan, simply because I just could not get past the crazy control scheme. But I am a huge DK fan and so just recently bought a refurbished Sears Super Video Aracde, in order to be able to play D2K Arcade.


    What I am wondering is, now that I have the system, what would you recommend as the must-have SINGLE PLAYER games? (Sorry if this is too broad a question, but I am totally starting from scratch here).


    Thanks in advance!

  7. Whatever you do -- SMOOTH scrolling, please!!! :)


    I will be purchasing at least two or three of these new Super ColecoVisions (or whatever they are called) for myself and friends/family. Would love to see updated/high end versions of the old classics, with more levels. For example, Venture with something like 30 levels instead of 3, DK with a ton of levels, Pepper II with much more than 4 mazes, etc. Would love an arcade-perfect Frogger and Phoenix. I also think the idea of updating games such as Yar's Revenge and other great Atari classics is DYNAMITE. Originals and later-generation arcade games would be less of a draw.


    I think a Super CV on par with NES capabilities would be plenty enough. You don't want to lose the old-school charm...

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