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  1. Good stuff! :thumbsup:


    Sad to see so many adults are offended by words like "shit" and "vagina" in this day and age. I understand it though. Some folks don't get out much.


    Vagina is not an offensive word, it's Anatomy 101.


    The other word is offensive, at least to some. People who don't understand why foul language is offensive are generally people who have little to no class or respect. The fact that many consider it acceptable to curse in public in today's day and age is very indicative of where we are as a society.

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  2. MLB the Show (May 6th) is the reason I got the PS4. Anything/everything else is icing on the cake.


    I still enjoy Need for Speed Rivals, and Resogun is excellent (need to play more). I have yet to start Tomb Raider (never played it on previous generation) and am sure I'll enjoy that. Maybe Spidey 2 will be good? Slim pickings, but my gaming "to do" list is so long already, it doesn't bother me at all.

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  3. I haven't released the full Space Patrol game as a ROM yet, I know. I do still plan to.


    I'm actually working on another Intellivision project right now (not Space Patrol related), but when that's wrapped up, I'll be able to focus back on Space Patrol. I do want to make one last batch of CIB Space Patrols available, and once that sells out, make the ROM available.


    The last couple years have been a bit, erm, interesting at work, and that's kept me from my Intellivision stuff. I do have something very interesting coming though. Hopefully it'll be worth the wait.


    I will really look forward to the full Space Patrol ROM release. Thank you.

  4. I have sent a payment last Sunday but I have not yet received a confirmation email.

    Should I contact him?

    I know that Eduardo is extremely busy so it is quite understandable to me that he doesn't have a lot of time to read his emails.

    Maybe I should just wait a little bit longer before bothering him :) .



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  5. Ok this has gotten ridiculous. I paid for my XM in 2010 and am still waiting patiently. I have also paid for and received the first run of SGM. You all have to remember that the homebrew community is done mostly as a hobby. Real life gets in the way sometimes. If its job, family, health or some other reason bashing the person is not helping in any way. My advice to people is if you have no patience then don't pay for a preorder.

    NONSENSE. Once you have other people's money, it's not a hobby, it's a business, and you have an obligation to get it done or give the money back. Otherwise, it's STEALING. Unless Eduardo is dead or in the ICU, it's unconscionable not to get this done in a timely fashion or AT LEAST explain why. You wait patiently while years pass by and people drop dead waiting for their product.
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  6. I just want to take this opportunity to thank Centurion for representing Team Celtic with me; his contributions were critical and should not be overlooked. We unfortunately could not get submissions from our third team member, which left us in Bronze for points. Props go to Team Tibet and Team Russia for their first and second places in the points tally.


    As for Team Celtic, we will be happy to take home the most medals, tied for the most golds. We may not have won this HSC by points criteria, but one thing is certain -- in the Olympics, it's all about the hardware. :grin:


    Also, many thanks to S.Baz, Scrabbler, zuzu, and others for pushing me that much harder in the individual events and exhibiting great sportsmanship.






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  7. Some final improvements for posting, just under the wire:


    Slalom: 35.8




    Speed Skating: 22.8




    Mogul Maniac: 44.0






    FINAL RESULTS for Team Celtic's DoctorTom, representing Wales and Ireland:


    Biathlon: 1:02.9

    Bobsled: 24.7

    Hot Dog: 10.0

    Ice Hockey: 26-7

    Luge: 30.6

    Mogul Maniac: 44.0

    Ski Jump: 177.7

    Skiing: 27.92

    Slalom: 35.8

    Speed Skating: 22.8


    post-34419-0-21914500-1393215705.jpg post-34419-0-99526400-1393215721.jpg

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    The competition is great, but it seems to me, what we're really about is having an Atari Party like it's 1983. Any score you post will be welcomed and we'll all cheer as you improve your score to something that you previously thought was unattainable. Having fun is the main thing. :) :thumbsup:


    Great points. Everyone of course wants to win or at least be competitive. But one of the things I really like about this particular contest is that there are teams. In fact, I'd love to see more team play in the HSC in general, perhaps once every other month?

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