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  1. You play ski jump "just to relax"?! Nice scores. Bumped up my ice hockey a good bit, but not to your level.
  2. Gentlemen... Team Celtic with the hardware! GO TEAM CELTIC!
  3. Some solid results for Team Celtic: Skiing: 28.47 Ice Hockey: 16-10 = 6 Bobsled: 27.5 Ski Jump: 176.2 Hot Dog: 6.2
  4. Please note the change. Centurion replacing AtariBrian. Moderator approved. And as Centurion brings yet another Celtic background to our mix, I can add an additional flag.
  5. Thexder is, simply put, a very bad game. Would someone please not waste their valuable time on this?
  6. Great game! Please, please release a full ROM!
  7. Except many of us had no idea that Eduardo had this history. Bottom line, it takes almost no effort to show up, say sorry, and promise follow through by a certain date.
  8. I'm happy to hear that. I know the same thing is being done for the XM.
  9. No, lol, he meant, "What is the highest score anyone has gotten in this game?" And I think he just got it.
  10. I don't think many SGM owners really want MSX ports, though. They'll just be happy to take what they can get. I think we'd all like to see more original titles.
  11. I actually have no issue with the delay. I have an issue with the lack of communication. It is owed to those who have paid him in advance.
  12. Bravo. Even if Eduardo ends up not being a thief, unless he is dead or in the ICU he is being rude beyond all standards. My heart goes out to you for your difficulties this year; you certainly don't need this kind of stress on top of all that.
  13. Wow, great! If I only had any idea what you just said.
  14. Announcing...Team Celtic (with representation from Welsh and Irish backgrounds): AtariBrian BSA Starfire DoctorTom GO TEAM CELTIC!!!
  15. Cool, but still more interested in that Adventure/Dark Tower/AD&D game you mentioned...
  16. Great. But if this is all true, really Eduardo has no excuse not to drop in and let us know he's still committed to the folks on AtariAge who have supported him. It's extremely inconsiderate.
  17. Wow -- that's awful to hear, Daytona...My PS4 and two controllers have worked flawlessly thus far. And the console doesn't shift or tip over, as some people have mentioned. On the other hand, the XB1 controller that came with my system didn't work, and I had to replace it. More concerning to me personally is that Forza (while awesome) is the only XB1 exclusive game -- whether out now or slated for 2014 release -- that is of any interest to me (in the meantime, my wife loves using the XB1 for streaming Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video, as it runs much faster and more smoothly than the PS3 or 360).
  18. Encouraging to hear. RIght now it's the only XB1 exclusive I'm remotely interested in, other than Forza, which rocks.
  19. Never played it but always wanted to, so it would have been nice, if real...
  20. Sorry I meant home console only. I couldn't include computer or arcade and arrive at only 10.
  21. This is my best effort. Home consoles/computer only (if I add arcade or computer games, I cannot possibly narrow it down to ten). I'd prefer a list of Top 3 per console or something...Anyway, I simply could not have done without these: 2600 -- Adventure, Missile Command CV -- Frogger NES -- Super Mario Brothers 3, Donkey Kong (until something even closer to the arcade is available) PS1 -- King's Field 2, Tomb Raider, WipEout N64 -- Wave Race PS3 -- MLB the Show (2012 edition preferred) Plenty of great SNES games and other games, but not quite in the Top 10 for me.
  22. I guess everyone is different, but in my opinion Super Mario 3D World is the easiest of the Mario games I have played, easier than Super Mario World and considerably easier than Super Mario Bros. or Super Mario Bros. 3, as well as New Super Mario Bros. Wii/U. (I don't really like the full 3D Mario games like Mario 64 or Sunshine/Galaxy, so I won't count those -- 3D World is 3D but often plays like a 2D game.)
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