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  1. I've used mine for a few hours. No issues as of yet. I buy the idea that the bad ones may have come from one particular factory, because reportedly the batch that arrived at our local Gamestop have been working well. As for games, I was only interested in Drive Club, but since that was delayed, I got Need for Speed, which looks terrific and is OK in terms of gameplay (I prefer a true racer).


    I picked PS4 over XBONE because of Sony's MLB The Show.

  2. So Doc, I'm curious.. what is your preferred controller to use under emulation? Something that supports 16 directions, and all keypad and side buttons? I'd like to try out whatever you use. Anyway, glad you liked the show. And thanks again for your input. For what its worth, I tend to be a bit sarcastic on the show (in case you didn't notice), so please take anything I say that may sound a bit insulting with a grain of salt! -Paul


    Thanks, Paul! I enjoy using the Wii Classic controller (analog stick allows for 16 directions), but the PSP set up also seems to be quite good. I particularly love Night Stalker but have a good 15 or so games I like to play.

  3. Really enjoyed the episode. I think your take on Astrosmash was fair and accurate. Astroblast is really the better version.


    And I guess I should say thanks for tackling my points on the CV and intelly controller issue. I'm not sure if you realize that I didn't mind that you took the CV controller to task, as much as I mind that you don't grasp the problems with the intelly controller. Between an awkward disc, side buttons that don't fire while moving the disc, and the necessity to glance down at your controller to press keypad buttons, it is at best an inadequate control scheme for many games. The controller simply gets in the way, and I know there are many who feel that way (some may be afraid to admit it publicly here). In any case, I think that's the last I have to say on the matter. :grin: I love several intelly games and am so thankful I can play them using alternative controllers via emulation.

  4. I'd like to see this game taken back a bit and have it play more like the terrific INTV version. Keep it simple, lose the complex stamina and stamina display, make betting more like INTV style. On INTV, at start-up, horses are randomly assigned strengths and weaknesses (acceleration, top speed, durability (fatigue rate), response to challenge, response to coax, response to whip, response to various conditions (dry, turf, muddy, etc.). You learn which horses are best at various conditions as the game plays out. New horses are generated when you restart the game. Just do it with better graphics and sound.

  5. I agree wholeheartedly with Brian. This has nothing to do with being "a hater".


    No one should take orders until there is a completed game you can deliver within one month. It's not right to take people's money and make them wait months (or years) for product. This is something that happens far too often around here.

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    For anyone out there who thinks this, please consider getting an XRGB-mini Framemeister.


    It's an upscaler with ports for almost everything (composite, S-video, component, scart RGB, HDMI... but not RF). If you have an LCD HDTV and enjoy old games, you've gotta get one of these. Perfect, sharp pixels.


    Using component video, this new Colecovision board would look absolutely perfect on any HDTV.


    Will this work with no issues in the US?

  7. Got the ColecoVision not long after it came out. Apparently the local store marked it up way higher than the suggested retail price -- I am quite sure we paid well over $300 for it, which back then was a lot of dough.


    The one thing I remember was how happy I was that I could now silence my friend who lived down the road, who as an Intellivision owner was always ragging on me about the 2600 graphics. Interestingly, I saw said friend about 1.5 years ago, after many years apart, and one of the first things he mentioned was the days of playing ColecoVision together.


    Also, my best friend to this day became my great friend as a result of our mutual love of ColecoVision.

  8. Enjoyed the podcast. One thing, though...Given the INTV's dreadful disc controller, you CANNOT spend like 10 minutes complaining about the ColecoVision controller and not even mention the far greater limitations of Mattel's design.


    I have owned two Intellivisions, both of which I had to put away as unplayable, solely because of the controllers. Thankfully, I now can emulate the 12 or 15 games I really enjoy on this system.


    The CV controller was not ideal but was nowhere near the debacle of the INTV controller.

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