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    Wouldn't there be greater risk of burn in with plasma? I'm somewhat afraid to play 2600 games on a next gen TV. That's why I'm still rocking an ancient CRT.


    Today's modern higher quality plasmas (Panasonic Viera, etc.) offer a rotating screen-saver and/or a "screen wipe" to avoid burn in. That said, it is a concern. I give my TV breaks if I'm playing something that has a persistent image (example, Frogger home bases). If you're happy with the CRT, stick with it. I had to move and wasn't hauling that beast 1500 miles with me. :)

  2. Solving Raiders of the Lost Ark in a dream, and then seeing it actually work in real life -- crazy.


    Being able to play Missile Command, Yar's Revenge, and Frogger to world-record-level scores with regularity.


    Watching my dad, who never played a video game, achieve world-record-level scores in Circus with regularity. He was also a mean Duck Hunt player. :)

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  3. After thinking about this whole situation...


    Is there a way to contact the guy who stole my game? I would like to have a talk with him concerning ethics, the colecovision and the homebrew scene. It is one thing to take a game (from the MSX

    for example) and convert it to the ColecoVision. It takes technical skill to do so. But, to take a game that was already on the ColecoVision (and ALREADY released on a cart a few years ago), change a few bytes here and there and then try and call it your own. That takes a lot of nerve. You are basically assuming that the ColecoVision scene is stupid enough to fall for that, even if the game I wrote wasn't a super hit, it was still something I made and my intellectual property.


    So Jeroen, wherever you are, please get in contact with me. An arrangement was made with the people you were deceitful with and tricked into thinking it was YOUR game, so I have no beef with them, but I would like to clear things out with you.


    I don't blame you for being upset; I am surprised at the tame reaction by some here. If your work was ripped off, and it certainly looks that way, then that is totally messed up.

  4. There's no way to turn the music off. But the music only plays for a couple of seconds each time you grab the last gold ingot in a level. It's used more like a sound effect than anything else, just like the C64 version of the game. You're more likely to wake the whole family when you inadvertly stub your toe on the coffee table in the dark!! :grin:


    How did you know? I pretty much ruined my pinky toe a few months ago doing that! :)

  5. Could you tell me if "dig left" is mapped to the left button and "dig right" the right button? That would of course make all the sense in the world, but I would like to know -- having to face in the direction you want to dig (as in Atari 8 bit) ruins the gameplay, especially at higher levels/speeds.

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