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  1. And how do you do the keypad with these?


    I've got Intellivision LIves for PS2, and the emulation is good. However, it doesn't really do the keypad right, so for me, it is unplayable.


    The keypad is mapped to the right joystick on the Classic controller or to the Nunchuk joystick, depending on which setup you prefer. It takes a few minutes to get the hang of it, but it actually ends up being far better than the keypad, as you can trigger stuff with just a flick of your thumb. Trust me, this is the way to play Intelly. Did I mention the gorgeous picture through component outs?

  2. I'd prefer time/effort be spent on programming some original games or unreleased titles, rather than another Galaga port. You did an upgraded Adventure with Chalice, how 'bout an upgraded Yar's, Demon Attack, Superman or something else from the 2600?

  3. Flora would look better in the screenshot with huge pink pencil eraser sized nipples showing, and a little hair coming out of the crotch area! :evil: :lust: :lolblue:


    Yeah that's just what I want my kids to see when they walk by my office...I think it's already risque enough. She is a babe, though. ;)

  4. Any chance I can redo my list? I forgot about Asteroids and just discovered how good Frostbite is. My new list:


    1. Adventure

    2. Missile Command

    3. Yar's Revenge

    4. Demon Attack

    5. Frogger

    6. Asteroids

    7. Space Invaders

    8. Superman

    9. Frostbite

    10. Circus Atari

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  5. I also am superior at Frogger and personally, I think Frostbite is a great game -- a neat cross between Frogger and Q*Bert.


    I got another hour in today and improved my score a bit -- I'm close to a breakthrough but I just don't have enough time to improve substantially for this contest, as I started too late (yesterday) and have to head to work in an hour. I'm at the point where the game starts to get real fast, and I would need to invest a significant amount of time to take it to the next scoring level.


    Final submission = 87500


  6. As I stated before: "...other factors such as emulator-controller lag or just controller issues in general."


    I can make several "quick" moves just fine under MESS and my HotRod SE. You may have more finicky timing and controller issues playing the Atari 7800 emulator on the Wii console.


    I stand by the Genesis version's frog movement having the ability to be quicker than the Arcade. Nonetheless, experiencing sequential move speed differences from the Arcade to your trying this port under a 7800 emulator on the Wii needs to be taken into account, including a number of hardware and software layers making chances for input lag and/or timing issues in that scenario very likely.


    Regardless, as Schmutzpuppe stated he's looking at it and no doubt probably has a fix for those who are having less than ideal controller timing issues with this port ;)


    A win-win for all no matter how you are playing this port, under whatever conditions.


    I see, Trebor. I'm starting to think it's a Wii emulation issue with input lag/timing or something...As for Genesis, yeah, it may move slightly faster -- certainly easier to move around than the arcade Frogger, which requires more precise timing.

  7. Hi Dr TOM

    wow,we have a FROGGER CHAMPION here :)

    Sure,you are the best....i am only a little Player...you are the champ....

    But we are here in the 7800 forum and not in a SEGA forum and i like my 7800.And remember,the game is FROGGIE and not FROGGER

    greetings Walter


    Sorry, Walter, I didn't mean to come off like that. But I am pretty dang good at Frogger. ;)

  8. The frog under the Genesis version, similar to the Atari 2600, ColecoVision, and 5200, responds and moves faster than the Arcade. If we are comparing ports above 8-bit consoles, the ultimate home version to me would be the one available on the XBOX 360.


    This 7800 port mimics the Arcade controls and response. If you are used to the controls and response, moving "quickly" under the Genesis version, then the 7800 version along with the Arcade, may appear to have "sluggish" control.


    I disagree entirely. When I play the arcade version, sequential movement of the frog (several moves in a row), is much, much closer to the Genesis than this 7800 version. You have to have good timing with the arcade joystick, but you CAN actually get the frog to make several quick moves. I am trying this 7800 version on Wii emulation, and you cannot get the frog to move quickly, even with perfect timing.

  9. Glad you're enjoying the journey! Your thread was fine -- no one needs to stress about why you posted it.


    I just never had as much of an issue with the CV controller as others, kind of like you with the 7800 controller. Both could be better, but nothing brutal like the 5200 or Intelly.


    For examples of good sound on CV, try Pepper II, Venture, Frogger, Centipede, Frenzy. Compare Opcode's Pac Man Collection sound to the non-pokey Pac Man Collection by Bob. Compare CV Q*bert and 7800 b*nQ. You'll hear the CV has much better sound.

  10. I heartily agree re: the CV2. Honestly, I see some serious backlash coming if CV2 releases and SGM for any reason is left abandoned. People are already have concerns that DKA might be delayed -- the reason most people bought the SGM in the first place.

  11. I won't debate the 5200, because IMHO even though there are some top-notch games and the system has very pleasant graphics and sound, the controllers make many games nigh unplayable -- or at least difficult. So let's look at CV v. 7800 (which to be fair, was released later than the CV and would be expected to have superior tech).


    Control -- The CV controllers, while not ideal, are not much worse than the 7800 controllers. And they offer more functionality. So let's call that a draw.


    Graphics -- The 7800 graphics are better, especially the lack of flicker. But the RF output is a disaster. However, so is CV's. So we can give the edge to 7800.


    Sound -- 7800 sound quality is a disgrace. CV gets the edge by far.


    Games -- As for official games, CV is far superior. I won't get into naming titles, but the native CV library is much bigger, and there is a greater abundance of good games on CV (play through both libraries and you'd be hard pressed to disagree). And both can play the 2600 library (although the CV needs an expansion module to do so).


    As for homebrews -- I would have to give the edge to 7800. Bob's been cranking out a ton of great titles -- Asteroids Deluxe is particularly phenomenal. CV has plenty of homebrews, as well, but the trend is more toward MSX ports nowadays than original titles or arcade ports. For me, that's less of a draw than the greater abundance of arcade ports and original games that we're seeing from the 7800 'brews. Both systems have or will have a super expansion device (SGM v. XM), and both will (supposedly) feature top notch versions of Donkey Kong, which for me is huge.


    So I'd have to overall call it an even draw. I prefer the original CV titles over the 7800 titles, although they each have their gems. I prefer the 7800 homebrews, although I'd hate to be without the CV stand-outs. Do yourself a favor and don't go without either one! :)

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  12. Hi Guys

    i have no problems,playing this game. Either you are a good player,or not.Why needing quick moving?The difficulty is ok

    greetings Walter


    Re: the above -- you can be a "good" player with sluggish control, but not a great one.

  13. Nothing personal guys, but you don't know Frogger if you think this game controls properly.


    There's a pretty good chance I've played more Frogger than all of you combined. The ultimate home version of Frogger is the Genesis version. The frog moves quickly, as it should.


    Why spend so much time and effort getting everything else right, only to ruin things with a sluggish protagonist?

  14. There's a problem with this game. You can't move the frog quickly, which is crucial for later levels. Can you fix this and then re-post the final? It is otherwise an awesome port, but this control issue currently kind of ruins the gameplay.

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