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  1. Here's the joystick fix! jzIntvImgui2.1.1.zip
  2. Hi, jzIntv automatically recognizes any attached joysticks to your system..if it is correctly configured in your OS. What you can do is change mapping of buttons, by configuring and use a "keyboard hack file", you can find in "Resources/Config" some examples, and complete documentation is in the "Doc" folder of jzIntv. In jzIntvImGui there's an option to enable the keyboard hack file. This option basically converts your choice into the "--kbdhackfile=<path to file>" option, and passes it to the emulator. Said that...you make me discover a bug into my program 🙂 In order to make things work on Android Devices, I've changed some part of jzIntv code, but I introduced a bug on the Joystick Management..Furthermore, there's another bug related to the libSDL library. Both of them basically prevent the correct use of Joystick in jzIntvImGui. So, thank you... 😀 I already fixed the first of them, I'm gonna fix the second as soon as possible, and I'll release a "Hot Fix patch" for this problem.
  3. 👍I think I have it because it was on some 'collection' found over the net, I never played with it Great! Let me know if you notice bugs or you have suggestions
  4. For interested people.. several improvements this time! I rewritten/refactorized a lot of code, now there's no more need to manual edit config file Added configuration window to customize interface and to config standard and custom commands You can also override options for single game, to have a complete jzIntv experience And a LOT of bug fixed. And I added a surprising loading animation.. 🙂 Linux users must also include gtk dependency (apt-get install libgtk-3-dev) in order to have the file/folder chooser dialog working Time to fix android last stuff... jzIntvImgui2.1.zip
  5. On_screen_controls on windows need libpng dlls too, extract attached files in the same folder of app if you want them libPng.zip
  6. Ok, too many developments to implement came in my mind, so it's better to release now a stable version, because I'm gonna refactor a lot of stuff and who knows when another stable release will come 🙂 Here the 2.0 version, only for desktop : Windows and Linux For Linux, you have to install libsdl2-image-dev, which should automatically include libsdl2-dev ('sudo apt-get --assume-yes install libsdl2-image-dev') There's a 'resource' folder in the package, keep it in the same folder of executables (jzIntvImGui for Linux, jzIntvImGui.exe for Windows) By default, application looks for roms in 'Roms' folder of 'Resources'. If you want change that path, edit 'roms_folder' property in ini file (you will see it after first launch). This is needed until I will implement an "Option window", to avoid manual edit of ini file. In the list of games: - Green games are the games configured in ini files that have been found in roms folder (by crc32) - Red games are the games configured in ini files that have NOT been found in roms folder (by crc32) - Yellow games are the games NOT configured in ini files, but found in roms folder. There's a button "Add to config" to basically add it in the ini file. This will be improved with the "Option window", where you will be able to configure all the stuff you need. Put bioses in the same folder of roms. By default I configured in ini file two jzIntv commands for all the games: custom_command_1 = -z3 custom_command_2 = --enable-mouse (---> used for simulating jzIntv controls in desktop, when "show_controls" option is enabled) And a keyboard hack file: keyboard_hack_file = hackfile.cfg And a palette file: palette_file = intycolors.cfg They're included in resource folder. You can change these, or you can override them in the single game section (see Lock'n' chase 8k (0x1603E3F8) section for an example) If you wan't to disable a custom_command, a hackfile or a palette for a single game, set it with "NONE" in the game section. Example: custom_command_1 = NONE All this stuff will become easier when the "Options window" will be implemented, in order to avoid manual edit in ini file. Next develops: - "Info Window" will become "Options window", where you'll be able to easily change settings, with an embedded check for compatible options. Actually you have to manually change ini files, be careful :-) If you want to see on-screen controls in action, enable "show_controls" in the ini file (you will see it after first launch). For the on-screen configuration, enable property "show_configuration_controls". Don't enable mobile mode on destkop...I warned you 🙂 - Add double layout of controls, as @mr_me suggested - Manage little fixes and glitches on android. Scrollbar has some problems, audio is choppy, I have to find a way to manage audio samples correctly. - Add external jzIntv management, so you will be able to launch this interface with a newer version of jzIntv, without wait a recompilation (only for desktop). By using the external jzIntv you will loose some features (like on-screen controls) that I added by changing original jzIntv code. - Create a good readme file, with also development support informations, since I will release sources too. - Bugfix 🙂 Feel free to increment database of games and screenshots/boxes 🙂 Hope you will enjoy it. jzIntvImgui2.0.zip
  7. 🙂 When you start app for the first time, you'll have a popup allowing you to choose the desired layout. And you'll be able to change it later too.
  8. In the shown context, configuration is thought on single intellivision button, not for the whole block. I quickly can add another configuration button to x-flip single button, so you can easily flip any of them, and when you're done you can save configuration as default for all the games. That will take 20 seconds once-in-a-life, because after saving you'll always have your new configuration. Or you need a continuous flip management of the controls? I can also think to add a 'global' option (in the main interface window), that is when it's enabled, all the controls in the game will be x-flipped automatically (with forced normalization when needed, in order to be always visible on the screen). Otherwise, of course a 'x flip all buttons' button can be added there, but I need to think where to put it, in order to not introduce mental mess 🙂
  9. - Added on-screen keys: - Added on-screen global and custom configuration management for keys and screen, you can now choose to move, hide, change transparency as you wish, and save your configuration: This is useful in Android I planned about 20 hours of develop left, then I'll release it here for curiouses 🙂
  10. It became very nice for me. I'm adding virtual joystick on android, then after some general tests I'll share it (for interested people 🙂 ) Android screenshots: Landscape Portrait:
  11. Good to know! I changed and improved a lot of things, now it works on Windows (10 and winXp 🙂 ), Linux, Nintendo Switch and I'm tuning something on Android..I hope to have the stable version before the end of January
  12. Just for fun, and to have something working on the Switch too, I finished to develop a stable version, which I'd like to share with community. It now works on: - Windows - Nintendo Switch - Linux I'm starting work to port it on android devices too. In the package, I will include sources and binaries, but before I post it.. @intvnut It's an all-in-one package, which includes jzIntv too. In other words, you don't need to have the external jzIntv executable, because latest sources are compiled with it. I've choosen this approach in order to make easy the port. Is this a problem? I mean, does this break any copyright rules of jzIntv?
  13. I ported new sources VERY EASILY on the nintendo switch, and it seems to work great. This time I just had to add a couple of "#ifdef __SWITCH__" in just two files, elfi.c and config.h Great job!
  14. That's clear now, my knowledge on ECS features is strictly basic. So your GUI will be a separate process than jzintv, and you will replicate this logic?
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