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  1. Hi all, thanks ever so much for your help everyone. I'm up and running with Fast-term at sensible speeds, so that's great (my FG99 collection is out of date and I hadn't spotted it). If I want to move to the world of ANSI compatibility, I guess I need either Telco or Term80? Which means, in either case, I need to work out how to get disk images running. Well, I've got an HxC2001 kicking around an a TiPi Peb arriving soon, so I should have that problem licked too. Expect more newbie questions further down the line!
  2. Hi! Has anyone got a wifi modem running with Terminal Emulator II? The one I've got (based on zimodem) can talk at 300baud (checked with a dumb terminal) - but I'm having problems. 'AT' doesn't give me an 'OK', and there's something odd with the CR/LF mapping. Before I spend too long kicking this, has anyone else done this successfully and have settings they can share with me? Alternatively, are there other terminal emulators that can run off cart (via my FG99)? I keep reading about Term80, but I'm still stuck on how to get the disk image onto a floppy. Is there a middle ground that can load off the FG99 that might have a few more config options than the TEII? Many thanks in advance!
  3. Ah, glad I could be of help! I'm having TEII problems too, although via real PEB. Lots of flaky crashes and stuff. It could be a problem with the PEB - it's new (to me) and this is the first time I've used it in anger. Are there any other terminal programs that can run off the FinalGROM? I might start another thread on this topic, rather than keep hijacking this thread.
  4. And fixed, thanks all for your patience. And as ever, I should have RTFM. "Update 1.3 Issues: Programs of images with subprograms, e.g., TE II, are no longer shown in the FinalGROM 99 menu. This update fixes this issue, while still auto-loading single images with only subprograms." https://endlos99.github.io/finalgrom99/ Updated to the latest software, all works perfectly!
  5. Well, I am very very confused (and apologies for hijacking this thread a bit). I've got a couple cards here. There's the 256M FAT16 SD card that came with the FG99. In the TOOLS directory are the files (PHM3035C & G) that were posted above. I did a diff, they're identical. But they don't appear on the menu (everything else does, as far as I can see). I've got an 8G FAT32 SD card that I've copied just the two PHM3035 files over to, plus a few more (ambulncC.bin, fantasyC.bin, fantasyG.bin) just to check it works. When I start up the TI99, I can see the AMBULANCE and FANTASY entries in the FG99 menu, but not 'Terminal Emulator II'. So why is FG99 ignoring the PHM3035 files? Or am I missing a step? Thanks in advance, all!
  6. Ha yes, I should have said that But am I going mad? I can't see it!
  7. Hi - new to FinalGrom here, forgive me if I've missed something obvious. I have the PHM3035C.BIN and PHM3035G.BIN files on my SD card, but they don't appear in the menu. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Hi! I've been having fun with my Tomy Tutors too. I bought the Japanese Pyuta because I've not seen one before and it was dirt cheap. Of course, it was cheap because the keyboard was dead (and my attempts to fix it made it worse), so I bought a second, US version (not so cheap) so I could reuse the keyboard membrane. But of course, the new machine is actually in better nick and has a few subtle differences, so I'm going to keep it intact. Oh, and I bought the console version (broken) because it was cheaper than buying the controllers separately. And of course I now want to mend that. So in the course of a couple months I find myself with a Pyuta collection. I never planned to have a Pyuta collection. And two of those Pyutas don't work, so I also have double the number of broken Pyutas! I did find a company in the UK who would make new membranes for it - same company we used to do new membranes for Sinclair computers - but it's very expensive unless we make lots, and I can't imagine there's the market for that. Oh, and anyone know if the Pyuta Jr console is simply the big machine without the keyboard, or if there's more differences?
  9. Thanks for your help everyone - are all keyboards the same in terms of how they plug into the motherboard? Could I buy any 800 keyboard I spot on ebay and presume it will work in my machine (ie. the cable will plug in, mounting screws will be in the same place, etc?).
  10. Hi all! I've just taken delivery of a second 800, which I'm trying to repair. The very first thinhg that happened is the space bar fell off - and left me confused. I've attached a picture of it - it looks nothing like the keyboard on my other 800, which looks much more like the one for sale here on ebay, with three distinct sections (left, middle and right 'arms'). I also discovered this set of pictures, which looks different again - http://www.the-liber...0-rev-a-pal.htm - but that might be just how it was taken apart. Are the various keyboards compatible with each other? Could I buy the one on ebay and use it to replace my broken one, or are the cables different? or worse? Apologies in advance if this is a FAQ! Many thanks in advance.
  11. Hi all, just had a bit of a disaster with my beloved Atari 400, hope you can help. I pressed the button to pop up the flap to insert a new cartridge, and the flap came completely off! It looks like the left hand side lug had snapped off (perhaps because of an earlier fix by a previous owner). I glued the lug back on - but of course, now I can't get the cover back onto the machine. It's simply too wide to slot back into the holes. Has this happened to anyone else? If I take it apart, will I find this job easier? is there a 'magic trick' that's currently eluding me? Many thanks in advance for your help. Tony.
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