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  1. The master system can already play sg1000 games. All you need is an evercart to do so. It won't fit the original sg1000 carts but the roms will work on a stock master system. I have an evercart and run sg1000 roms on it with my master system. As coleco it's very possible to rework a coleco game to work on the master system as again it supports the sound & graphic chip and PKK has already released a few coleco games as master system game.
  2. You might not like or have it but you can actually play tank mission with the steering controller.
  3. If the same controller is working fine in the other port then you may need to replace the controller ic on the mother board. You would be best to change both at the same time. https://console5.com/store/kits/controller-port/colecovision.html
  4. 70,300 wife started nagging from upstairs or I might have gotten better.
  5. 50,200 Might try once more but I was determined to improve my score and did.
  6. skill 4 31,400 with 1 rescue so far. I'm sure I can save her twice. I shall have to do better if I suggested the game but 179,000 come on... I can't match that but 79000 maybe though
  7. no that was a separate club. However it might be a good idea to combine the 2 clubs for next year and offer: 1)a combined rom bank of colecovision & intellivision & other roms 2)the club game could be option of a colecovision or an intellivision game with the option purchase both.
  8. i got the libraries to work fine. I compiled and tested several of the samples. I would suggest you put it at c:\colecodev so it lessons the chance of any part of the setup failing. then add c:\colecodev\bin & c:\colecodev\ to your path in windows then you can go to the directory of say hello.c and using a command prompt and type "make" and it should compile without needing anything else. I usually drop in a simple batch file into each project I work on (so drop go.bat into hello.c directory and double click it whenever you want to compile) once the paths have been added so i can run it from windows by double clicking it. go.bat just opens a command prompt, runs make, pauses so you can read the results, hit enter and it'll close and the built files will now be there in the directory. go.bat
  9. https://github.com/alekmaul/pvcollib/wiki/Installation-and-helloworld-example
  10. Hi , This should work still: \ I personally use SDCC with the coleco libs but I use it with the cygwin64 terminal https://www.cygwin.com/ then you can install the gnu make and you can just use the cygwin command line to compile the programs
  11. coolCV, Colem and emultwo.exe also support switching. meka im sure about
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