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  1. 14435 much improved and passed level 1 This is one of the best games for me to play . I find it very fun. Might try again .
  2. Got a bit frustrated with it as the more things I fixed the more new things would break. Maybe i'll check it out again.
  3. I'm thinking something like a cheap arduino controlled digital music player that interfaced with the colecovision through either the expansion port or maybe even just port 2. The arduino player would do all the work but the cues would come from the colecovision as to when to play sfx or music digital files. I think I could manage it now that i think about it. Just a silly idea that jumped into my head. 1 of many.
  4. dina 2 in 1 support a dina is a dual colecovision & sega sg1000 machine. i have 1. it had 2 slots 1 for the sg1000 carts and 1 for the colecovision. adding a sg1000 compatiblibilty would be cool. My dina takes a mycard convertor too which is a rom cart like a credit card similar to what they then used in the master system. I'd love to be able to use original sg1000 carts & mycards on the colecovision. just a thought. I mentioned a few ideas before. Here 1 more probably not gonna happen but... often cd tracks could be played on early dos cd rom games that were just controlled by the game when to start & stop them. so an sd version of this. So we could use full music sound tracks instead of the builtin music ability and reserve that only for sfx. additionally this could relate to full motion video as an option too.
  5. I figured I might do a quick playthrough with comentary in case anyone couldn't figure out how to play. Feel free to ignore if not interesting , i just noticed a few people couldn't figure out what to do.
  6. phoenix has all 32 sprites enabled by default. Did you try disabling that so it's regular 4 perline? not sure if sgm can be disabled as well. just something to try.
  7. i'm referring to the control stick, buttons & overall case is well done. I think it was a huge mistake not to allow you you add your own roms via micrsd or usb at least For what it is, remembering the originals were single game cabinets too, it is well done.
  8. this is good to know. I had considered going beyond 256kb for a rom but I think i'll make sure I don't do that now. I guess if it (the 512kb program) is on a cart it won't matter though.
  9. I actually bought both of the mini's in the original kickstarter campaign. Clearly he trampled some toes around here and I'm not excusing that. They are actually really well made and i bought the originals back in the 80's so very comparable. Screen is a little small. I would love to know if anyone has hacked them so I could load other roms as one is running a gameboy advance rom. The other apparently is running a NES rom.
  10. i just cut the cord off my intellivision controller with scissors.
  11. There is always room for more people here bringing new stuff. No one here is innocent wither we make, re-imagine, re-release or purchase said products. it's keeping a 40 year old childhood favorite alive. Don't chase everyone away who might have something interesting to add...
  12. I think you are going to make some great additions to the community and clearly you know what you are doing. I would recommend reading through this thread here first though so you can better understand why I think it might be better to make something new rather than this.
  13. I think there isn't any real market anymore as most people already have one or the phoenix which has it bult in no matter if you make them or not. perhaps something else. a pointing device such as a mouse/lightgun or drawing tablet a bank switching pcb up to or beyond 512kb available all the time cuz i always run out. a proper text to speech card.
  14. ok i 've had similar problems with corruption. your put_char calls all need to be inside a disable_nmi() / release_nmi() sandwich disable_nmi(); put_char(x,y,c); enable_nmi(); same with get_char & print_at and anything that prints or read tiles to the vram.
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