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  1. 18,100 . interesting challenge I remember saving up to buy this game. I think it was 41$ and I got it from canadian tire. I must have visited the showcase window a dozen times while saving the money. Was a good buy.
  2. sounds like the sd card might not be inserted correctly or corrupted. I would dump it onto a pc. reformat it and put the files back onto it or use another sd card. Seems it might be an access problem.
  3. What i have noticed is with some systems that have f18a installed that you may need to power the system on. wait a few seconds then hit reset and the game will work fine. A similar problem happens with boot hill but a simple reset will fix it. It has to do with the f18a needing a little more time to initialize once powered on but the reset leaves the f18a pwoered on.
  4. 46890 snake heads dudes are impossible after a few levels.
  5. My 2021 club package arrived! Very pleased with the package and club card. The games look great I will try them out this evening including the snes game now that i have an snes. Its not clear where to access the club section on the website. Did you mean the link sent in the email to the rom pack? Box quality has really gotten good. Nice jobs guys!
  6. You have Biplane? How did you come by that? Must be when I sent it to be reviewed in 2004 at the adamcon. That is a rare rom. I have a hard time finding it myself on my system. Very thorough list there. Nice job.
  7. 2375 I have no idea what I am doing. In unrelated news I am also bad at this game.
  8. The spinner wheel is your friend in super action football. It's a great game but a steep learning curve. To make a pass of any distance you need to spin the spinner before release of the throw. baseball was awesome but again steep learning curve and running the bases equires the spinner again.
  9. 12,150 Man those shopping carts really took off after a few levels.
  10. No it doesn't. I didn't even know what the f18a was at that time. Tank mission is the upgraded war with f18a
  11. Tank Mission - f18a Dead Tomb - Though not actually released for colecovision is f18a. Mr turtle - I have a functional f18a version that is working but not completed but is fully playable. Barbarian - I have a functional f18a version that is working but not completed but is fully playable. Hex - I have a functional f18a version that is working but not completed but is fully playable. Masters of the universe demo Commando Demo/test Of these I recently reworked tank mission & mr turtle a bit. I might release a f18a mr turtle at some point.
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