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  1. 2500 even I blew up 1 fortress. You know if this was your only job was to attack these fortresses all day you figure they might install a reverse thruster in my ship so I can back up?
  2. was the pixelboy finished rom version released to the public? probably not yet. the lives do run out if you play 1 - easy difficulty though but not on level 2- standard
  3. what is this? It must be a home made label. I don't recognize the cart shell either. Where did they get that cart shell from? https://www.ebay.com/itm/233751266690
  4. boulderdash 797 popeye 21700 I'll try again if i have time. I met the original designer of boulderdash once and had a tour of his company at the time. Probably should have asked him for some playing tips.
  5. Thanks. It's fun to compete a little and I'll probably make a better project because of it and the useful feedback I get. So the AIR bar I got figured out. I just tracked where there air bar is depending on scroll. I made a small 20 point table which translates where each character should be depending on which scroll column i'm currently at . Then I can 1 bar character at a time draw it even if it wraps around. Like suggested I only update the '()PEARL AIR' once at level start as it never changes til you get to another pearl. The biggest problem I was having was the flicker when I reset the scroll of all the MOB's. So I blink them all off just before the scroll reset and put them back immediately in the new place and it looks good. I take out the hornpipe for now and throw something else in there.
  6. I've seen that commercial but I only remember the owl. I shall try to implement it this way. It does look better .
  7. Hmmm, that went over my head. I'm not sure what you mean?
  8. It's the roughest music for sure. I do intend to replace it. It's a little harsh.
  9. MR. TURTLE has to collect 5 pearls. Each level he will have to run, jump, swim & fight through obstacles to attempt and collect each of the 5 pearls and win financial independence for life. Normally called freedom 55 he's a bit lazy so it'll just be freedom 5 as he gets free food anyways and carries his home on his back. He can defeat enemies by throwing tridents at them to ward them off or disintegrate them. He can go into turtle shell mode and be safe from attack but cannot swim again til he comes out of it. Will drown if he stays underwater too long so he must watch his air meter. Collected pearls will be displayed as letters of the word PEARL on the screen top left. obstacles include , drowning, spikes and lava. currently only 2 distinct enemies. Will be adding some more. each of the 5 proposed levels will look unique and have a unique platform designs. I appreciate this contest being held and this has given me motivation to finsih this project. Here is a video of the current work in progress.
  10. looking for intelligent life on twitter that could even understand how cool this is as unlikely though. I had a lot of fun with 300 baud modems in the 80's.
  11. Try one of the smaller games as i've heard say an 8 kb game may run whereas a 24kb game might not. This has happened to a few people. One of The traces from the cart port becomes broken or dirty so it can only read the lower part of the max rom size. Qbert is 8kb. Try that if you have it. burgertime or smurf is 16kb of a max 32kb standard cart.
  12. @newcoleco is one of the very best. @tursi also added a nice fix to the previous coleco libraries that was causing video corruption to happen as there was a interupt still happening even if you had the nmi_diabled which caused me continual headaches. I really don't know what he did but I would like to make sure that it was addressed. His fix has worked ever since in the old library from @newcoleco i've been using. It was discussed here. Looks like you previously seen it too.
  13. 117,000 I had it going well then just lost my timing completely. Drinking fortified glass of wine whilst playing probably did it.
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