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  1. 212,490 Freakin' island took me out. I had a good run going. I bought this game via mail order to telegames back in 1987 ish. Still fun.
  2. 97,760 I had o use an atari joystick to play it . Hand cramps. completed one full set of mazes though!
  3. There is a flip sprite horizontal and or vertical in the library but it only works on 8x8 sprites. To flip the 16x16 sprites you have to flip the 4 8x8 sections of the 16x16 sprite separately. I was fooling with it and was unhappy with it. I found it easier to just load a new pattern into the sprite definition on the fly. You can make it seemless if you want to by using 2 different alternating sprites for odd or even frames. i use a game counter 0-9 (10 total frames) to organize when things update. On the even frames (0,2,4,6,8) use sprite pattern 0 & redraw the pattern in 1 once you swap On the odd frames (1,3,5,7,9) use sprite pattern 1 & redraw the pattern in 0 once you swap example. bat can use sprite pattern 0 or sprite pattern 1 depending on odd or even frame. if bat is currently using sprite pattern 0 on and even frame then you can change the pattern in sprite pattern 1 without if being notice. then on the odd frame (game loop counter ) you use pattern 1 and can replace the pattern in sprite pattern 0 you can also just replace the current sprite directly but you might notice glitches because it redraws the sprite pattern directly on screen. Sometimes its unnoticeable. here is the code: (1*32) is sprite 1 (0*32) is sprite 0 and 32 bytes of data blocks put_vram (sprtab+(1*32),upperbody,32); Here is the 32 byte sprite data to replace the pattern with: Obviously replace the sprite data with your sprite data. const byte upperbody[]= { 0xC7,0xC7,0xC7,0x87,0x07,0x07,0x07,0x07, 0x07,0x07,0x06,0x0C,0x0C,0x40,0x00,0x00, 0xF0,0xF0,0xF0,0xF8,0xF8,0xF8,0x78,0x3C, 0x1C,0x0E,0x0E,0x0C,0x0C,0x40,0x20,0x00 };
  4. Game is fun. The difficulty after the first 10 bombs is parabolic though. Too hard. could have used an easier level But good game.
  5. get the guy in the top left corner to walk around the wall and help the maze guy over the other side then they can both leave to the right.
  6. 84,600 did about 75000 of that on my last manpig. Very fun game!
  7. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/124122830301 This will work I believe. 8 bit xt bus card. I use one and use it in 3 different tandy 1000's that I have. Models ex, hx & tl and it works great in them. Not sure if the original tandy 1000 would work too but I suspect it will.
  8. 105,200 (level 3) the 4 dragons room is my nemesis. I lose 95% of my men there.
  9. very cool. I have gotten some things through the toronto buy & sell too but retro stuff is usually over priced on there. The 3.5 inch drive is espicially cool though. 720kb i assume.
  10. The Fall Guy was my must watch show for the years it was on. Apparently the show got approved without an actor attached or even a script. They just played the theme song for the executive and that was enough. Similar to sponge bob. Doing the flips and landing on your head in this level is hilarious. Looks like another decathlon event that could have been added. Nice to see another level is buried in the rom.
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