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  1. magellan is great for tile editing & sprite editing. I make long scrolling bgs using it and room designs. Thanks for the info
  2. i have used your convert program. I had assumed that the full screen f18a bitmap used more memory than the 9918 fullscreen bitmap. That sounds like a good solution. not sure how to pull off the (per-scanline paletted bitmap (which takes nearly all of the 18k of the F18A,) yet and I think the pallet version would work fine anyways.
  3. 63,460 I bought the roller controller in a yard sale just to play this game second hand but the guy couldn't find the cartridge. it's years before I got to play the game but the roller controller worked great for a bunch of other games notably spy hunter.
  4. it would be nice to be able to import at least 768 tiles so a 9918 bitmap screen could be done in 1 import. so self selectable 0-255 or 0-768 or 0-1024 would be great. I noticed some demos here using full 256x192 tiled screens in excess of 256 tiles using f18a graphics such as the monkey island demo. how was that achieved? is it using extra memory of the ti99/4a than say the colecovision has. for coleco i'm limited to 16kb vram so 6 kb for 1 set of 256 f18a 3 bit tiles. So 3 there isn't room for even 768 tiles at full colour. I guess I could go with 2 plane colour (4 colours and lower it to 12kb overall for a full screen) I'd like to do full screen 256x224 f18a bitmaps or 256x192 on a colecovision without reuse of tiles. thanks for maintaining magellan and updating it. it's a very useful program.
  5. many here don't facebook etc. Maybe a pinned topic or subforum so it's easy to find for new comers etc. I got a bunch of adam tapes too I might need to look through to see if there is anything you don't already have. I've never made a digital backup of one that might be interesting to try.
  6. there is a rough demo i played for coleco but I wouldn't by any stretch call it a finished hover bovver. He probably meant c64 I'll see if I can locate that demo. ... time passes ... I found it. http://sebastianmihai.com/main.php?t=51
  7. 5:24 I was doing pitstops every 2 laps and i did the gasman last. That was a big help.
  8. 6:26 I barely beat 8:00 earlier then tried once more and shaved 1;30 off my time on 3 bald tires
  9. I ordered the coleco club version and am quite happy with it. The mystery game will be one of only 100 so it will be worth $75 or more on resale. The roms are typically sold for $10-$20 each and they mentioned some other goodies. Could be stickers, discounts . I think it's worth it. And their track record is excellent. They don't have them all listed but they have put out about 75 games over various systems. I'm sure it'll come though it's just putting out the game system and other releases is pushing things to the back burner but they always deliver.
  10. There arer a lot of homebrew games here for coleco. Some ports are excellent and then there are a lot of one of a kind homebrews that aren't available on any other systems. Since you liked Pac-man, SHUMP I'd suggest Frantic ( a sort of sequel to frenzy) I really liked deep dungeon (pixelboy) We just played star force in the high score club which was quite good mario bros Caos Begins penguin adventure gradius Thexder There's a bunch check out a mostly complete list here: http://cvaddict.com/list.php?filter=3 You should check out the coleco high score club above as we play a different game every week or so and you can post scores and converse about the game strategy Insert other media
  11. I can't get a diamond I tried 10 times. just submitting a score anyways. I know most people love this game. I really hate it. I like dig dug but I hate this game.
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