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  1. I doubt I could add anything to it that you haven't already covered. I am , occasionally, writing a c library to reuse game code written in the coleco library for colecovision to produce a pc / vga game. I got a few routines done already. The idea was I could just run a complete coleco game through it and output a vga dos game.
  2. I suspect the same. I'm making a sgm & f18a test right now. I am testing it on f18a/sgm colecovision & and also on a phoenix console. I havn't found any incompatibility.
  3. Looks good. I will try it out on a future project. Would be nice to have some easier access the sgm features etc.
  4. i have one. a haven't tried it recent but try other channels. i remember it being on a weird channel. i'll set it up later and remember that way.
  5. I've always meant to come back and fix it. I got busy with other projects. I am going to implement this and see if it helps.
  6. DEFINE ALTERNATE I just found out about this. This will solve much of the performance issue and incorrect sprites so I can redefine the sprites quicker.
  7. the fire button doesn't advanace past the instruction screen for me.
  8. It was made clear to me in an email that this was a requirement to be in the club and you could get refund if didn't agree with keeping the game secret and the roms to yourself. Everyone agreed to not share the game name , or resell it or share the roms. It's not that hard to keep my word.
  9. I can see the 2 colour green pattern on the phoenix for this game.. I'm running the hdmi out to a rca video convertor box. It's probably just the tv settings.
  10. I have a dina system. I really like the controller. The built in game is neat too. And I picked up a couple of sg1000 games for it as a bonus. Very cool little system.
  11. This begs to have a santa labled christmas cart game as it looks like it's in the chimney. Perhaps Stellas Stocking
  12. https://www.arcadepunks.com/amp/donkey-me-awesome-collection/ Here's some skin examples . I would just do this. Make it with maybe even more than 1 skin.
  13. vector style graphics are hard to animate on a colecovision.
  14. worked for me. I ran the firmware reset. Then added the cvdos.sto file over writing the old and removed the recovery folder. Everything works fine. Thanks for the file.
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