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  1. I already submitted early so I don't forget. I actually completed it. Might eventually do some more refinement but glad I was able to complete the project. I even looked at boot hill again briefly. Thanks for hosting the contest.
  2. yeah this will do it as long as you have coax hookup still on that tv. https://www.amazon.ca/Ancable-2-Pack-F-Type-Adapter-Commodore/dp/B06XTDXX26/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=TV+RF+adapter+F+plug&qid=1614221458&sr=8-5
  3. just try it. I used under windows 7 for years. So it was working. I'm on windows 10 now though so I can't check it anymore.
  4. digress


    I am finishing up an intellivision contest entry. I wanted to broaden my horizions and always liked the intellivision though I'm not that proficient with it. That contest is wrapping up this month then i'll probably work on this again. Texas eh. Never been there. If king of the hill is any indication it seems like a fun place.
  5. cool. you could sell over hundred of these once working.
  6. He could probably use some vram to make up the difference instead as it's not too graphics intense and there is room available in vram.
  7. level005 with alligator & bats & devils & pitchforks for intellivision Check out the neato alligator! I might make him leap up at you too. I have a glitch with the scrolling where it occasionally draws the wrong column. Not sure what is causing it but I think its the fact that he can't go past a certain max right and the scroll roll over happens, he then gets held back and it redraws the same column. view also on creator friendly rumble or below on censortube https://rumble.com/vdk9fb-mr-turtle-level005-with-alligator-and-bats-and-devils-and-pitchforks-for-in.html
  8. I recieved the item. 2600 dapter db9 for hooking up original joysticks. Nicely made. Thanks. I got it working too and just played through several levels using an original intellivision II controller. Yeah it's noticeably harder to do some things when you use the real controller. I found it a little hard to swim up & down while shooting at the same time ... at first But I got it down pat now.
  9. Oh. thats what you meant. That was just because the air/hud was not being updated on that level yet. Oh well. The black bg looks fine to me too like walking in a snowstorm at night.
  10. frog bog is a great game. I havn't made up my mind. I could just make an empty room with 1 dusty old pearl & a piece of stale bread. Probably a swamp makes good sense or a river like a turtle would live.
  11. The air/hud strip is currently disabled. You don't like the blue bg eh? Ok, I'll try a alt version with the black bg and see how it looks.
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