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  1. @newcoleco is one of the very best. @tursi also added a nice fix to the previous coleco libraries that was causing video corruption to happen as there was a interupt still happening even if you had the nmi_diabled which caused me continual headaches. I really don't know what he did but I would like to make sure that it was addressed. His fix has worked ever since in the old library from @newcoleco i've been using. It was discussed here. Looks like you previously seen it too.
  2. 117,000 I had it going well then just lost my timing completely. Drinking fortified glass of wine whilst playing probably did it.
  3. Just installed and was playing with this. I got the hello world to work fine the 3 f18a samples worked fine including the scrolling demo. the 2 games bunny & diamond compiled fine with sound mode1plecompress rom compiled and worked fine. the sprite simple and animated samples compiled but gave black screen the music and simple sound comiled but gave me black screen & no sound. the bitmap megacart sample comipled to 128kb displays the first image but won't doing anything else despite pressing left right buttons etc. also I had to correct the the graphic table names in the megacart.c file by adding gfx to the end of eech ( vdp_dan2vram (TILimage3gfx, chrgen); // characters) then it works. I'll play with it a bit more see if I can get the other 2 images to display. Looking very promising. I copied the bin folder also inside the pvcollib to the root directory before compiling and that worked. c:\colecodev I'm going to play with it a bit more.
  4. I was an expert at this game but the learning curve was too high for most people I had over to play a game with. Baseball was a bit easier but again similar difficulty to learn. Rocky was the best super action sports game for pick up and play.
  5. I like the video game club art. are the game box/enclosures have more art work? Very nice.
  6. I am thinking of entering My mr turtle project that is partially finished already if that would be fine. Still needs work so it would give me motivation to finish it.
  7. He is a very intelligent guy too which our parents probably never suspected if they seen me watching his videos. Yeah he's got 3 or 4 really good songs that really stand up still and a really good live performer though i've never seen him in person ... although i did see weird al in person . Thats kinda close ?
  8. 26,460 I had to use an actual colecovision joystick though. I couldn't get anywhere with an emulator & keyboard.
  9. Noticed your new avatar. I just watched a complete alice cooper concert from about 15 years ago on amazon prime. Quite entertaining.
  10. looks like the monkeys are spear fishing from under water
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