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  1. Except for the license problem i would love to see a Raiders of the Lost ark clone of the atari game but in colecovision or f18a enhanced. Obviously it would have to be ip altered to something like "raiders of the last pork" or something. Kings quest and ET except again for ip issues maybe PET and he needs to find a pet computer to contact home.
  2. Yeah, That's possible. I was already convinced that I would drop support for a standard colecovision and do it f18a only so that would eliminate a lot of problems right there trying to make it work on both setups. Scrolling background. Was already considering something more like Rastan. 2 players. Porbably. Why not. I'm finishing up a couple of other projects then I'll pull this one out and have another look at it.
  3. http://retrosystemrescue.com/ has an option available
  4. The SL was a good version too with the DAC and 640x200x16 colour special mode.m My friend had one. I got a 1000 TL two 1000 EX 's and 1 1000 HX I really like the all in on nature of the ex/hx. Easy to take out of storage off the shelf and use right away with minimal setup.
  5. I have a cf xtide for my tandy 1000 ex. Must have for moving files from a modern pc and of course acts as a harddrive thanks for the pics.
  6. yeah it's too bad they can't release it. I wouldn't be stupid enough to make it either but I was just fooling around with some sound & graphics as a test for something else.
  7. I loved this game on c64 & apple 2 . This version plays well but uses doubled sprites and looks poor. I have considered remaking this game with correct looking sprites.
  8. Hi, I think it looks good. I'm less picky than some other people though as I grew up with switch boxes, static on the screen, b&w televisions etc., tune to channel 3 or 4 dial switches. I'm using in on a 27" crt tv and I think looks great through this convertor box.
  9. i use one these boxes on the phoenix and it works great for regular tv or a hdmi tv that has a signal issue. https://www.amazon.ca/GANA-Composite-Converter-Supports-DVD-Black/dp/B06X6HBQDH/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=hdmi+2+rca&qid=1568626323&sr=8-3
  10. Quite a bit of it is possible on a f18a colecovision but the amount of vram makes the detailed backgrounds impossible. the 2 plane scrolling possible, the colour depth is possible, the smooth scroll is possible but not enought tiles to do the foreground & background.
  11. I managed to put in a score for all 32 rounds. That was fun played a lot of games i've either not tried before or not played enough to figure out. I recommend it to to everyone to participate at least in a few rounds .
  12. 14,308 i played it days ago but forgot to upload my score.
  13. this is an old video but it wasn't embedded correctly above. did you mean blue outline in this one or the one with the yellow sand background? The blue seems lighter here as my monitor brigtness was too high for correct capture.
  14. i know for a fact there are some original exclusive games coming for the phoenix and after all the game system is just now shipping.
  15. Yeah perhaps i'll do some more on it later this year. I'm the middle of a few projects and I just released a comic strip book. there was a number of problems. i'd don't like the combat . it's not really working and things were getting too slow. perhaps a f18a only version might be a better option. I was playing zelda with my daughter. i never played it before so I might pick up a few things from that.
  16. The poor adventurer never made it back from the dungeon. I suspect he's still down there somewhere.
  17. I bought this from telegames back in around 1987 via mail order. what a great game. I got boulderdash, Spy hunter, Alcazar and James bond at the same time. It was so nice to get some new games after colecovision was gone from store shelves since 1985. The use of sound fxs as visual clues making you strategize before entering the next room only to run in and find 3-4 gaurds instead of 1 come at you. the stupid transportation carpet that sometimes would transport you to a endless pit room.
  18. i remember sears. the christmas catalog was epic. they had the greatest catolog business. they could have been amazon if they had switched over faster.
  19. 588 for a full adam system. i can see why it was popular. everything was over $1000 sometimes multilpe thosands.
  20. i got your other book in the mail today. i have an interest in dos programming
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