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  1. Good buy there! At Least i know its worth 44.50 € / $59USD lol
  2. So They distributed games under the activision label i read on wiki? Can I help with my Australian titles or are these of no use to your database
  3. i'll help with the PAL australian ones Edit** i see you don't want the australian HES ones? What does HES mean?? lol
  4. well Ram it by telesys sold recently in USA for $153. It had the black and white label, rarity rating of r6 while the color is an r7. Anyways it came with the box and manual exactly like i have (although mines the PAL). I'v been trying to do research looking at old listings on ebay uk, ebay america and ebay aus but many of them are not forsale or havn't been within the past month. Someone has Assault by Bomb forsale in Germany (pal version) box in very poor shape asking $80Euro. Wonder if that will even sell.
  5. Any idea on these ones also? Mines of Minos - CommaVid R6 Cosmic Swarm - CommaVid R6 Strategy X - Gakken ? EUR Star Gunner - Telesys R7 (Colour handle) Raft Rider - USgames R5 Frankenstein's Monster - Data Age R5 Master Builder - Spectravision R7 Ram it - Telesys R7 (colour handle)
  6. Thanks for your reply's! I will be taking photos in the next couple of hours and post an update. What do you mean the top strip is torn? looking at the boxes no parts are torn at all! Heres a quick list of what I have. They are all PAL and purchased new in Australia. 55 gaming titles below: I have included the Rarity rating from AA for the NTSC card, would love to know a PAL comparison. Great Escape - Bomb R9 Assault - Bomb R9 Laser Blast (International Edition) - Activision R2 Maze Craze (256 Video games) - Atari R2 Miniature Golf (2 Video Games) - Atari R3 Berzerk (12 Video games) Box slightly water damaged - Atari R1 Mines of Minos - CommaVid R6 Cosmic Swarm - CommaVid R6 Star Wars Jedi Arena - Parker Brothers R3 Barnstorming (International Edition) - Activisionivision R2 Human Canonnonball - Atari R2 Gorf - CBS R3 Ice Hockey - Activision R3 Defender - Atari R1 Lost Luggage - Apollo R4 Asteroids - Atari R1 Planet Patrol - Spectravideo R3 Space Cavern (48 video games) - Apollo R3 Fishing Derby - Activision R3 Marauder - Tigervision R6 Bowling - Atari R2 Cosmic Ark - Imagic R2 Black Jack - Atari R2 Night Driver - Atari R1 Strategy X - Gakken ? EUR Spike's Peak / Ghost Manor (Double Ender) - Xonox R4 Othello - Atari R2 Outlaw - Atari R2 Fire Fighter - Imagic R3 Adventure - Atari R2 Journey Escape - Data Age R2 Air-Sea Battle - Atari R2 Code Breaker - Atari R3 Star Gunner - Telesys R7 (Colour handle) Encouter at L5 - Data Age R3 Airlock - Data Age R3 Raft Rider - USgames R5 Bugs - Data Age R3 Surround (14 video games) - Atari R2 Frankenstein's Monster - Data Age R5 Gangster Alley - Spectravision R4 Basic Programming - Atari R3 Flag Capture - Atari R4 A Game of Concentration - Atari R3 Master Builder - Spectravision R7 Pac-Man - Atari R1 Final Approach - Appollo R4 The Challenge of Nexar - Spectravision R4 Fast Food - Telesys (colour handle made in hong kong) R4 Kaboom - Activision R2 Breakout - Atari R2 Concentration - Atari R3 Brain Games - Atari R3 Boxing - Activision R2 Ram it - Telesys R7 (colour handle)
  7. Hello everyone, I am new to AA officially. I have been around the traps for sometime and thought I should join finally! Anyways I have a question that has been gnawing at me. There seems to be so much information collated about american NTSC games. But as i'm downunder we only have PAL games (not brazil PAL-M either which has a different colour encoding system but same refresh and lines at NTSC). A number of the games (total 51 new in box complete) are r7, r8 and r9 on the AA list, but these are Australian and I assume not as rare? Would i be best to write a long list of all these boxed games are to find out, really I am not interested in selling them just curious as to their value and/or rarity (as I know price and rarity are not mutually exclusive). Games Include: Assault by Bomb Great Escape by Bomb Mines of minos by CommaVid Cosmic Swarm by CommaVid These 4 were on top and handy to grab but I can cinlude the full list if wanted Photos to come soon too.
  8. I have about 52 brand new australian Pal games in boxes with manuals, how can I help this database, and how do i get a copy/see it
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