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  1. I'm interested in a TRS-80 model I level 2 preferably the one with the numerical keyboard not interested in monitor , only main unit and psu I'm from Greece but I can provide a US adress in Delaware for shipping
  2. I'm interested in the editor assembler package too pm me about shipping cost
  3. Hi I'm interested in Disk Manager 2 ,Parsec,Star trek , shipping to Greece
  4. thanks for your help so if I understood correct, Dina 2 in 1 uses the same psu as bit90 ? If it is so I found the pins of this psu in a forum any help for make one will apreciate a lot 12v Gnd -5v Gnd 5v are these voltages correct , looking at the back of the computer the female DIN socket ?
  5. I'm realy not sure if I choose the right thread but since BIT90 is a Colecovision ,,, recently got one in a lot with other computers but without psu which looks to be more complicated than I think of (has a DIN plug,perhaps 2 voltages??) if anyone has one of these and can help me with it I'll apreciate a lot.
  6. May I ask if anyone knows , do they play in PAL 800XL without issues ? I also want to ask the shipping cost to Greece for 2 or 3 carts thank you
  7. I'm interested in atari65xe + psu and couple joysticks if are still avaiable
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