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  1. I use it in my main 1200xl. I don’t see many (if any) incompatibilities with older software. To me now I’d rather use this 1200xl over a 800xl or 130xe. In fact I just ordered a Rambo xl board for it and am adding a video UAV to it as well.
  2. Easiest and cheapest is probably....Best Electronics. He sell the ROMS for 10.00 each (2 needed) plus shipping... Its as simple as pulling Rev.10 and replacing with new Rev.11. CO60616B (1200 XL Rev. "B" OS) $10.00 CO60617B (1200 XL Rev. "B" OS) $10.00 I just did mine but I removed the two Rev. 10 ROMS, replaced the sockets with 28 pin, swapped the MMU and burnt Rev. 11 into 27C128 eprom and also added a shift reset patch...
  3. Thanks Guys! Exactly what I was looking for....got a project this weekend now... Kevin
  4. Reviving an old thread, but does anyone know if the 1200xl OS ROM 11 is still available for download? The link in the previous message is no longer working... I know Best still sells them for 10.00 each, but would be interested in finding a copy to burn to Eprom... I know I could go with 800xl rom, but I want to keep this 1200xl stock. Thanks Kevin
  5. I'd be interested in one if you make a 3rd run..
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