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  1. Shinju

    Rikki & Vikki

    I would love to help, I'll drop you my info via PM, I have plenty of SMS and Genesis controllers to try
  2. Shinju

    Rikki & Vikki

    Hey Tailchao, sorry for taking so long to get back to you on this, life happened and I got super busy. Anyway here we are. First Gen 7800 with Expansion port on the side, ghost button with 1 or 2 controllers plugged in (Serial AT8461015) Second 7800 (unsure of generation newer rev due to higher serial number) Ghost button issue with 1 or 2 controllers plugged in (Serial AT835221479) Third 7800 (unsure of generation) Ghost button issue with 1 controller after 20-30 min, works perfect with both controllers plugged in (Serial AT815163002) Also, I have a friend who bought this game and it works perfect on his non modified 7800 but on this composite modified console EVERY retail Atari 7800 game the console displays flawlessly, when Rikki & Vikki is inserted and turned on, blank screen, not even the Atari splash screen. I read that some who have composite/S-video modified systems seem to be fine, have you had anyone else report of issues with Composite only modified 7800s having issues? Anyway, hope the information helps you in anyway possible! Eagerly awaiting your next project!
  3. Shinju

    Rikki & Vikki

    I'll get that info for you later on this evening! Again, this game is Amazing, for those who are on the fence or just now seeing this and have a 7800 or want a 7800 I can think of no BETTER reason to buy one and get this game!
  4. Shinju

    Rikki & Vikki

    So with my main 7800 that has been gone through and recapped etc, with having 2 controllers plugged in I did not see any ghost button input at all, with the other 2 7800 that are 100% bone stock all original with both controllers plugged in they did see button 1 ghosting after about 20-30 min of game play. With that said, its possible that if others are seeing this that these systems might need tune up/recap etc, TailChao does your super cart draw more current then a normal 7800 production 7800 cart? I have never seen any ghost button issues before even with homebrew carts. I have no problem keeping the other controller plugged in to play this at all, no complaints here just want to bring this to your attention! I will say this again, damn amazing game, I was playing this for 2 hours and finally had to force myself to put it down to go to bed, the level layouts and puzzles are fun, the graphics are mind blowing, bosses are HARD AS Nails, (Dark Souls of the 7800 if you will) before I forced myself to quit I was on the bubble cave area and the detail on the shrinking and expanding bubbles was a nice touch, even the lava zone had some nice little fx going on. Solid! I am looking forward to your next release, you guys knocked another one out of the park!
  5. Shinju

    Rikki & Vikki

    Will do, when I hit this issue I only have one controller plugged in at any given time. I'll report back on my findings. Thanks for responding, I know this old tech is grumpy and the 7800 is not immune to its own quirks
  6. Shinju

    Rikki & Vikki

    Hey there! I got mine a couple days ago and Wow, was like 1986 all over again opening up brand new 7800 game! Production quality is top notch, not a single detail was missed in both the box, manual cart and the game its self! 10/10! Main reason why i am posting is because I think I found a bug or I might have a bad copy, at first I thought it was my 7800 but this has happened now on 3 different systems and the chances all 3 are going bad is pretty small, Anyway after about a 20-30 min or so of game play button one becomes stuck on and Rikki and Vikki auto pick up blocks making the game impossible to play as one needs to pick up and place/drop blocks strategically to advance to the next level, I first saw this when I was halfway though the 2nd zone and trying to pass the level were you have to stack the blocks into a bridge over the spikes to get the key, every time I just walked up to a block it would auto pick up and no button press was needed, this would cause me to die as walking over the block bridge Rikki would just pick up the block automatically. No matter what block was around Rikki would just pick up as he got close enough. if I power cycle the game it will go back to normal were the player has to pick up the by pressing the button to pick up the blocks, but after a short time the issue would come back and Rikki would just auto pick up blocks when getting near them. I tried other 7800 games that utilize both buttons and those games are fine the buttons function as they should. I have tried 3 7800 consoles, 3 controllers, 1 normal joystick and 2 of my euro 7800 nes style controllers. Anyone else seen this? Again, this game is top shelf and stunning, 11 year old jeremy would have had his mind blown if this was released in the systems shelf life, I saved up my allowance to by my 7800 and games back in the day, much love for this underdog system!
  7. Shinju

    Rikki & Vikki

    Paid in full! Exciting, cannot wait to dive into this!
  8. Shinju

    Rikki & Vikki

    Amazing, I have been following this silently, this just goes to show what the 7800 could have done if it had the proper dev and production time behind it. The 7800 already had the best Commando home port and in my opinion the best 8bit port of Xenophobe and Ballblazer (minus the cool intro the 800 version had). Day one purchase for me, would be a great addition to my complete NTSC 7800 set! Well done to who all was involved I cannot wait to play this masterpiece!
  9. Awesome updates, excited to see this continuing!
  10. This is awesome Curt! So excited, I was one of the last to get in on this back in 2013 when you put the last 10 on a Amazon link on the XM Build page! Got my order number ready when its needed! So glad I stuck with this project and didn't cancel the pre-order, even it if never did end up releasing the 100 buy in for the chance to see something cool for the 7800 like this would have been worth it regardless development costs money and you defiantly earned it and more , heh to be honest I forgot/spaced a couple times until PRGE came around and Albert had one on display at the AA booth and I remembered... OH YEAH this cool thing! -j
  11. David found me by an old post about an Interton VC-4000 German made console, he offered me one at a good price over the course of a couple of weeks of back and forth (I was on Vacation) we came to an agreement and now I own the Interton. Dave is a great seller, kept is work, packed well and was always available to respond to questions. Thanks again for the deal, I'll PM you once the console is modified
  12. I am really surprised by the slide show dungeon movement with the power of the lynx being able to do 3D pretty well, like Xybots/luchsenstein for example. Game looks true to form though, I enjoyed it on the Sega CD and the SNES.
  13. Not current on my Jag protos but if this ever gets uncovered and is close to code complete, the Apeshit name needs to remain. Looks like a fun little platformer too!
  14. Gotcha, I have been following both threads pretty loosely so I was not aware! But still!
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