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    old-skool video games, guitar, piano, chess, music, video game music, collecting vintage games, especially Atari 2600 but also NES & Genesis & anything previous to those. Health & nutrition, martial arts. Still dreaming of getting into programming.
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  1. Eyes: 37,910 I'm having a hell of a time getting any gaming time in lately. Managed a brief session playing Eyes & Star Castle. Didn't get a Star Castle pic yet but I'll be back with more!
  2. 32,800 I like this game but it can be really frustratingly punishing. Jumping over the tanks is fun. The arrow - basically just a useless obstacle to avoid although I have used it in the past to jump over all 3 sentinels (or whatever those things are called).
  3. I remember this game being really hard.
  4. I'd like the Egon and Beetlejuice toys! 🤩
  5. Condor Attack 1,547 This game's awesome to me x) I always liked the "cheapo" games especially when the animation seems all crazy like a stop motion movie monster. Rescue Terra I: 68,700 Surprisingly I'd never played this one. Pretty good game!
  6. My goodness! When you said "3 space shooters I have never played" I was expecting homebrews. Looking forward to playing these unusual titles!
  7. 45,210 I like 2600 Pole Position & thought it looked & sounded great esp. compared with Night Rider. One thing I miss about it though is that killer corner early in the lap from the arcade game! The corners are all really easy on this one. @Scrabbler15 Aw, sorry to hear. You've been a major fixture here & one of my internet-land friends for 7 or so years now. It was SO much fun getting into the HSC back in 2012 or '13 & I really appreciate all of you guys! Thank you for signing out, it means a lot! It always feels a little weird when people I've been hanging with online just aren't appearing any more. I'm having a hard time participating for other reasons. (mostly tired from financial hardship and beer habit, not to mention no internet at home since February) I think this is the first season where I've missed rounds! :( I was wondering if I'm fading out of the HSC. @nads That is one strange looking copy of H.E.R.O. !
  8. 91,200 At this point I thought the shark could no longer be killed. Now I know there's a dash button, that throws a whole new paintjob on things!
  9. One of my favorite Inty games! I'm getting handled this time around. Not only that, but I also have apparently lost my score pic, AND forgot my score... But, I'LL BE BACK.
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