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    old-skool video games, guitar, piano, chess, music, video game music, collecting vintage games, especially Atari 2600 but also NES & Genesis & anything previous to those. Health & nutrition, martial arts. Still dreaming of getting into programming.
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  1. I thought I already posted this, luckily I checked! Front Line: 3,600
  2. 1,200 1st sitting take 2 never played much of this game, but my brother loves this style of games & we had a good laugh playing this and Commando & Ikari Warriors one time. I hope to give it some time tonight!
  3. Super busy lately but I've been getting some games in. Kaboom is great for not having much time, the games happen so fast! This was my favorite paddle game growing up. May have one last go at it this eve. [edit: played with paddles via Stelladapter] Kaboom! 1,140
  4. 77,070 Improvement! And, patch.
  5. 59,600 1st attempt Super fun game! This is one of the games that got me back into video games after 15 years off. Yars' Revenge, Pitfall II and H.E.R.O. -- the latter two I had never discovered until about 2011 or so.
  6. Well it happens to be an all-time favorite of mine x) I was surprised too, it always seems to be a memorable classic even for folks not big on sports games (like myself).
  7. Hey that's a nice little batch! x) one doesn't see too many c64 carts. I damn wish I had some frikkin $ to spend.
  8. Black Tiger: 283,750 Trojan: 6,100 I used to finish Black Tiger in a single life too... It takes some serious work to get close to the end now. Haven't finished it since about 1988. I never played Trojan except on NES. I recall it being extremely difficult and kinda crappy, so... I guess true to the original?
  9. 25,320 got a bunch of ghosts all together for a feast, which accounts for most of my score. (strange, I thought I already posted this)
  10. strange, I thought I posted my score last week... I guess not.
  11. Off the top of my head, I sure like Super Bee, Turtles, Pick Axe Pete, Q*Bert, Popeye, & Attack of the Timelord.
  12. I think the same here, $100 It should have the joystick with Atari logo on the tip of the stick. Also, it should have a grey/cream colored power supply, in order to have authentic parts. I saw one CIB for $80 at a flea market, but the controller was really beat up and the box was in terrible condition. Still I thought that was a pretty good deal if it all worked properly.
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