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    old-skool video games, guitar, piano, chess, music, video game music, collecting vintage games, especially Atari 2600 but also NES & Genesis & anything previous to those. Health & nutrition, martial arts. Still dreaming of getting into programming.
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  1. I would like to put myself somewhere in line for piles of discs!
  2. You might check out the Atari sections at Highscore.com for more records if you haven't seen that yet.
  3. 31,060 Amazing scores, McCallister and oyamafamily!
  4. I've been gettin' some Laser Gates action!! 28,852 Never played this much, and I'm having fun!
  5. Eyes: 37,910 I'm having a hell of a time getting any gaming time in lately. Managed a brief session playing Eyes & Star Castle. Didn't get a Star Castle pic yet but I'll be back with more!
  6. 32,800 I like this game but it can be really frustratingly punishing. Jumping over the tanks is fun. The arrow - basically just a useless obstacle to avoid although I have used it in the past to jump over all 3 sentinels (or whatever those things are called).
  7. I'd like the Egon and Beetlejuice toys! 🤩
  8. Condor Attack 1,547 This game's awesome to me x) I always liked the "cheapo" games especially when the animation seems all crazy like a stop motion movie monster. Rescue Terra I: 68,700 Surprisingly I'd never played this one. Pretty good game!
  9. My goodness! When you said "3 space shooters I have never played" I was expecting homebrews. Looking forward to playing these unusual titles!
  10. 45,210 I like 2600 Pole Position & thought it looked & sounded great esp. compared with Night Rider. One thing I miss about it though is that killer corner early in the lap from the arcade game! The corners are all really easy on this one. @Scrabbler15 Aw, sorry to hear. You've been a major fixture here & one of my internet-land friends for 7 or so years now. It was SO much fun getting into the HSC back in 2012 or '13 & I really appreciate all of you guys! Thank you for signing out, it means a lot! It always feels a little weird when people I've been hanging with online just aren't appearing any more. I'm having a hard time participating for other reasons. (mostly tired from financial hardship and beer habit, not to mention no internet at home since February) I think this is the first season where I've missed rounds! :( I was wondering if I'm fading out of the HSC. @nads That is one strange looking copy of H.E.R.O. !
  11. 91,200 At this point I thought the shark could no longer be killed. Now I know there's a dash button, that throws a whole new paintjob on things!
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