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  1. 45,630 Geeeezz... That took me like an hour. I need to figure out how to score more points, lol. I got the controls down but dang, this is slow goin'! I'm thinking maybe next time the no bombs option wouldn't take so long. Or maybe the options with no countdown -- it's game over whenever you reach "No More Moves".
  2. Baseball: I lost 11-13. (no picture) Man, I can see what you all are talking about. I thought I remembered liking this game well enough, but no. This is really bad. Down there with Bo Jackson Baseball or at least almost that bad. I guess I would have to review that one again to make sure! xD The outfielders waddle around the ball while runners are stealing bases? Players are helpless as the ball moves right through them. Umpires say "out" when the guy was WAY onto the plate already. Yeah. My copy's going in the corner too, like fakecortex's! BAD Baseball. Bad. Not to be confused with Bad News Baseball, now that's a much better game.
  3. 15,400 So ah, apparently the game ends when you get through the very first area? Or maybe I have a bad rom I guess?
  4. Good deal from mattsoft! Recommended for sure. Good communication and shipped fast!
  5. ...and that's not even mentioning Nads, good grief. So many champs here lol
  6. My apologies to other great HSC competitors not mentioned, such as dare I say-- No! I can't say it xD
  7. What a stellar season!! Zilch and OMG... I mean, omg. TWO have joined the ranks of such competitors as Toymailman, the5thGhost, Northcoastgamer and oyamafamily... And with a performance rating that could top the heap! 👍👍👍🤩
  8. "Corona Virus Competition" xD HAHAHAHAHH I love it It's definitely a time for more video gaming! People have been hitting me up for video games and I'm finding myself letting go of some things a little more easily to accomodate the masses, lol Here where I live, Game Stop declared video games essential and stayed open! 🥰
  9. Doin fine here! this virus thing seems a bit blown out of proportion to be honest x) It doesn't seem to be going around here.
  10. I keep dying at the same place. I really wish this emulator would recognize my d-pad!
  11. Yeah Kid Icarus is a hard one for score contests. Even if you're not trying to farm points, the maze-levels kind of make you do it. It requires exploring and finding your way around, hence re-entering rooms a LOT, in order to finish the level. (I think level 3 is like this). So in those levels you get less points for being better at the level. UNLESS you intentionally farm for points. PLUS you'll need to farm for hearts from time to time which also racks up points. So those with the best skills will lose out on all those points. I guess we could say just do your best and don't intentionally farm specifically for points but again, if there are multiple players finishing the game, whichever of them performs the worst will have the higher score I think. However we do it -- I'll say I really do like Kid Icarus and would be happy to play it.
  12. Well I'm glad I accomplished something. This is really damn tough. Dugger has a stranglehold grip on this one, lol.
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