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  1. 33,290 That was fun! This was pretty much the only game I played at the crappy little arcade in the small town where I lived, Summer of '87. Never got to play it on NES since for some reason they chose not to release it!
  2. I keep exploding... don't see a damage counter but I guess this is caused from collision damage.
  3. Oh me, I forgot how recent that was, that we played Time Pilot '84. Allow me to put in a good word for Rod • Land !
  4. ok, pro tip for me: read instructions. 2,168 now i got the right rom still looking for how to change gears.
  5. 1,868 Participation points need to find out how to steer and how to go faster. I never passed any cars, but the "cars passed" countr kept jumping around to numbers between 0 and 100.
  6. good grief! I had no idea there were so many of those Ys games xD how'd you get all those!??
  7. oh crap. i just noticed i failed to hit "submit". too late but just for sh***, this was my final score... 70,660
  8. 18,560 good grief, this new format blows! I do like that i can drag n drop attachments though. I'm having a hilariously disastrous time at Looping. Not much gaming time unfortunately so i jus have to have fun with my awful pilot skills...
  9. I don't understand.. We have the honor system in the HSC. I have no reason to think anyone is cheating. Liduario has always given very thoughtful contributions to the HSC for fairness and gaming ideas/input -- I think a valuable and (for me) much appreciated member of the high score clubs. He also seems to me like a really genuinely good guy. I can't imagine suspecting him of cheating. If his evidence was insufficient for a score on HS.com that's one thing, but cheating is an entirely different thing and I see no evidence for that. Just as Lid said, in order for me to call him cheater I would literally have to be over here thinking that everybody here must be trying to get away with cheating. The honor system is intended so that we don't have to have accusations and drama about cheating, and I think that is very important for the success of the HSC, everybody having fun challenging themselves and having friends who also love classic gaming. oyamafamily was accused of cheating years ago because of his method for getting a big score in Desert Falcon, even though he was transparent about how he did it and left it up to everyone and ultimately the mod to decide if that's within the rules, or crossing the line into unfair point-leeching. It was just a matter of discussing exactly what crosses the line in that situation, as it was not a cut-and-dry example of illegal tactics. The decision was made and oyama removed his posting. Not a big deal in my mind. No harm done. No reason to holler "cheater." We have had other scores using questionable tactics where the gamer was open about how they did it, and in some cases it was decided not to be allowed and the score removed... but no one called them cheaters. Even when one player did cheat, and admitted it, all we did was delete all his points for that season and say please don't do that. Everything was still cool and he kept playing with us and no one raised a stink. For some reason people have kept accusing oyamafamily as though that Desert Falcon situation had been something different, something much worse. All this bad-mouthing has given him a bad reputation and made him an easy target for finger-pointing. And all stemming from a non-issue that got blown out of proportion. A score that didn't even count, due to his own transparency and a long discussion on whether that tactic should be allowed or not. It could have easily been ruled allowable. I truly hope we can move forward without suspecting/accusing one another. I don't mean any disrespect to you, Northcoastgamer. I greatly appreciate all your work here, and am a big admirer of your gaming tenacity! I trust your intent is for eveyone to play fair. But I just don't think these guys are cheating. And we need to honor our honor system!
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