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  1. Shinobi... 134,500 I keep getting to the helicopter and then it doesn't show my score.
  2. 39,710 Possibly the best home console conversion ever ???
  3. Qbert... 36,450 Batman... 71,900
  4. Batman 65,800 Palamedes 410,670 This is gonna be awesome. "-"
  5. Holy crap, this is gonna be hard without farming fir health and ammo! BTW this season looks super fun!!
  6. Ok vie had a go at the adventure rounds... Jungle Hunt... 16,800 Pitfall I... 64,946 (got impatient getting hit by bats; Ill be back) Congo Bongo... 79,120
  7. 90,560 I didn't know my game would have taken this long. My 1st attempt and I couldn't seem to lose. But my soup was going to overcook so I put the controller down & came back... Too late.
  8. 49,178 Back in the groove, I got to the insane spider part - barely.
  9. 13,450 Made some progress but I'm stuck again. There doesn't appear to be any way back safely down to floor level in this room. And a dead-end going back up.
  10. I would like to nominate: SMASH TV! also perhaps: Rampart City Connection Double Dragon I think Punch-Out!! gives you an overall total score if you make it all the way through and beat Mike Tyson/Mr. Dream. Is that right?
  11. 6,900 I always prefer the 2600 version of this but of course that's the one I started out on. This is the farthest I've gotten in this version. I just don't know anything else to do (besides jumping to my death for the points picking up that knife.) Everywhere else seems a dead end and I doesn't seem to be a key available for that other door.
  12. Do you know which power supply originally came with the 800XL?
  13. Rats. I didn't make it to internet-land yesterday. I got a little over 84,000
  14. my first PURCHASE through the marketplace was Fun House & Gradius for NES (from TurdFurgeson in 2014) However, I did have one other transaction before that: I traded Beamrider (5200) for Sentinel (2600). That was atariBrian. Another however -- I had previously picked up a homebrew game from the store (Ladybug) and done a couple transactions via PM's with a fellow high score club gamer. That was fun! (and thanks again CrazyClimber for the deals I got from you!)
  15. Cheers and beers! I'm glad you're still here doing it, you do a GREAT job... Happy Birthday friend!!
  16. 131,800 Man... I love this game but it ain't like riding a bike. I have to get good at it all over again. personally I remember liking the first two Megaman games the best of all. I haven't really played them though since the '90's because ever since I got back into gaming it's been all about high score games for me. (and this one I only played a tiny bit because of the 1-up and farming issues) Having fun getting clobbered! I could always get through the Cut Man stage easily so that's where I've been starting
  17. Good grief, Kermit that's amazing!!
  18. I did myself some Atari gaming... No Escape: 3,213 My Star Voyager score was 1 chevron but I apparently lost the picture...
  19. 1st attempt: 5,000+ 2nd attempt: 34,420 I meant to make an improvement but the time got away from me!
  20. Mappy sounds great ! I'll second that. I sure do hope to throw a whoopin' on some CV games this season other nominations: Mr. Do's Castle, and Bomb Jack!
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