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  1. How do you fix them? I have a few that don't work right.
  2. I think I have one, I will get back to you.
  3. I have a really nasty 4 switch woody I'd sell cheap, it's NTSC, the difficulty switches and the channel switch are rusted shut and the little pastic switches are broken off of them and there is rust throughout the inards. But it works and so does the joystick port. What do you have to trade?
  4. Sold a Dreamcast Controller and VMU to him, went well and it's true when they say Canadians are very polite, haha!
  5. He sent me concealed cash for an Atari 2600 AC Adapter and all went smoothly, great to deal with!
  6. What would you want for the Interactor? I have Sega Master System stuff, nothing on your list but I'll tell you anyway. After Burner, Out Run, Space Harrier all cart only. Zaxxon 3D, Cyborg Hunter, Zillion II, After Burner, MonoPoly and Action Fighter in the case, some with manual. I have a lot of Nintendo and PS1 stuff too.
  7. Hey man, I've got a few spare Atari2600 AC adapters around, how's $14 shipped sound? They are original btw.
  8. Second here for the GBA SP, either variation works great but the AGS-101 has a clearer screen. Definitely better than a DS/DSLite because in my opinion, it's better to have a backwards compatibility with GB and GBC games then it is to have the ability to play DS games. In my opinion, there are more good games on GB/GBC than there are on the DS.
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