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  1. Thanks for the advice, will try it once I have reassembled the system. Then it's "Arrrrr harrr harrrr.....Me Laddie!" time. (Black Adder reference..)
  2. One of my TI-99/4As has a bad keyboard, with many keys not working. Opening it up reveals a membrane which, when partially separated, shows some broken tracks on the Mylar. What's the accepted repair method for these? Conductive paint? Or is the keyboard a write-off?
  3. Hi Just acquired a TI-99/4A with an adventure cartridge and a copy of Pirate Adventure. Apologies for the basic question but how do I load the tape? I have to reply to the "Where is the database?" question with something appropriate that indicates the tape port, but what is the right response? Thanks Jon
  4. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 300877059869 UK machine, 99p start, knock yourselves out guys! Yeah, it's mine... Sorry for cutting in.. Move along there!
  5. Hi there I posted this message on AtariAge too - thought I'd say just in case it looked familiar.. I have too many STs and have listed a Mega 4 on eBay as well as a 4gig STe. Mega 4 is eBay Auction -- Item Number: 300877059869 STe is eBay Auction -- Item Number: 300877079255 WOW RARE [email protected]@K etc... LOL! They are pretty good machines. The Mega is a Mega 4 in a Mega 2 case. I swapped out the motherboard. Has a noisy fan, but otherwise working fine. The STe is likewise good, although there are some screws missing so I need to find replacements, not a problem really as they are standard self tappers. Both have the usual yellowing, not too bad, but hardly museum grade. I hope whoever buys them will be able to have fun using them. For my part, they've sat on a shelf as I have two other STs to play with, when I have time, and that's why I'm letting them go. There are some nice pictures on the listings. Cheers JonB
  6. Tricky, unless you sacrifice the FDD. You might be able to fit into a STF(m) by removing shields, but the memory bay of the STe is using space you would need. I have all these models lying around, so I will offer up the beta board and take some pictures so you have an idea.
  7. We had many discussions about this cable and other aspects of the device. Lotharek has high standards, that's what he is like... Which is great for us! I haven't got the finished product yet, but the beta testing board is really well put together, because it is factory produced. All of Lotharek's products are like this. I have a DivIDE for my Spectrum and it is just as good. We can expect the NetUSBee to be just as good too, when it becomes available, and (good idea) it should be able to power the USatan via the USB port (conjecture, subject to testing).
  8. This is a peek at the prototype beta testing board. Please let me know if you have any questions about it or you want me to perform any specific tests. It is, in functional terms, just like the older UltraSatan devices, as you'd expect; it's just easier to power, has the cards side by side (easier to remove) and is a professional screen printed multilayer board with surface mounted components. Link to my post on Atari-Forums: New ULTRASATAN prototype Regards JonB
  9. Ha ha! Bognor computer club, one room with grown-ups talking about Acorn computers and peering at their BBC Micros, the other full of spotty teenagers all with STs, swapping disks like crazy. Trying to find out which copy program could defeat the protection on Captain Blood.... Happy days...
  10. Great news from Lotharek! I just posted this on Atari-Forums, apologies if you know some of it already. Regards JonB
  11. Well Lotharek, you know my response..!
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