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  1. SlowCoder.. sent you a message regarding shipment details...
  2. Here's the story: purchased Flashback 2 system on ebay, one joystick totally did nothing. Purchased 2nd Flashback 2 system, everything worked. Was in a hurry & didn't label 1st non-functioning joystick, so tested each one with the 2nd console I purchased. Hmm.. both worked! So.. re-hooked up console 1... retested.. same thing.. one of the original joysticks doesn't work. However, both joysticks from console 2 work in console 1. So.. is it just a freaky combination of the console plug & the joystick plug? Should I just run with the combinations that work? (giving one each to my 30 something sons)
  3. So... my ebay purchase where one controller doesn't work, no instructions (easy fix) has me thinking that maybe there are other issues as well.. what should the menu screen look like? the screen that comes up says "adventure" with arrows side to side to get to the other "collections".. which is how i found out the joystick didn't work as I couldn't do anything! Is this the screen that should pop up?
  4. Sellers has offered to refund "when she gets funds back into her paypal acct".. hmmm...
  5. So.. just got my flashback 2 I purchased on ebay & one of the joysticks doesn't work..there were no instructions, I found them online thru a link on here. The screen comes up Adventure games or something & you have to use the joystick to choose a game.. so I hooked up one & nothing happened at all.. hooked up the other one & that works fine.. any suggestions?
  6. Ok.. the 2600 powers up.. I actually got it to play PacMan.. both joysticks work.. I am sure my antiquated way to hook this up is an issue ( alot of static..).. and if you wiggle the game cartridge you lose the picture.. pretty sure the switches are a mess as well..
  7. Well.. the Flashback 2 I bought on ebay has no instruction manual at all.. the info must be here somewhere.. links anyone? google search turned up negative...
  8. Oh, and I did "win" a Flashback 2 on ebay for $19.50 including shipping.. should arrive this weekend.. Picked 2 as the games were more what my kids played.. Plan to give that to my son.. keep the 2600 here at my house
  9. So today I plan to venture to the attic & haul down the 2600.. packing away the Fisher Price Little People ( the REAL ones that you can choke on , the FP music box record player, etc.. bringing down buckets full of Construx & Popoids, & some MicroMachines... anyone remember those??...( all grandsons.. so the Polly Pockets & Cabbage Patch Kids will have to sleep up there a bit longer).... I'm going to connect the thing up & see what happens... Thanks for the offer SlowCoder.. where are you located? I'm in Michigan..
  10. No time to "play" before Thanksgiving as everyone is coming here for dinner. I will start with a good cleaning, etc as outlined above, then move on to checking broken solder joints. I'm kinda sentimental about old stuff.. kept most of the kids toys & the grandsons love them as they are "new" to them. If I need to send it off for repair, that's ok..
  11. as I recall, it powers up ok.. think the screen is either blank or has lines..
  12. I'll haul it out, hook it up & get back to you with more specifics.. as for storing in the attic.. well.. guess it's a little too late for that advice!
  13. hey all.. I'm new to this board.. I have our original 2600 up in the attic, I brought it down about 5 years ago after it had been packed up for 15 or so years. Basically it wouldn't work.. did some research at the time, some common issues needed to be addressed, packed it back up and did nothing. While recently looking at some ads & running across the Atari Flashback systems, I am thinking about our little attic stash again. Is there a reputable someone or several someones that will go through this thing and repair it? Sounds like alot of you do your own work.. not feeling like that is a good idea for me! I might invest in a flashback system to give to my son to play with his kids, but the games are not the ones they used to play. ( Frogger, River Raid, Fast Food ) And sounds like reviews for the new Flashback 4 are not all that good.. so thinking I might look for a 2 on ebay. Would appreciate thoughts on that as well. Thank you!
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