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  1. Hello Atariage members! I have for sale today a Rare CIB copy of the Color label Demolition Herby for the Atari 2600. This game has a 7 rarity rating here. This game is rare with it's box and manual and has only popped up on ebay or forums a few times in this condition. I'm looking the get around $75, I will trade for a Dreamcast with Games or Saturn Games, just let me know what you have. On the forum I typically use I have a +2 feedback rating. Shipping depends on the area. PM me with questions/concerns! I accept pay-pal only! Thanks for looking! DH.bmp
  2. Hello! I purchased this game last year at a thrift store a year ago and was wondering what it's worth I've been looking for information on how much it's worth for awhile and haven't come up with anything yet. It's the rarer color label and it's complete in the box. Does anything know anything about this game? I added a picture to show what the condition is in. DH.bmp
  3. I am selling my CIB Demolition Harbie game for the atari 2600. This game is pretty rare and isn't seen much. It comes with everything, the cartridge, the box, the manual, and the insert. The box has some wear on the corners but is in pretty good condition. PM me with offers on this rare game and we can work out a deal. Let me know on this post if the picture didn't work, thanks. DH.bmp
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