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  1. Years ago I use to snap controllers in two. No kidding. CX-40s NES etc etc.....................................
  2. Another very competitive round has ended with Bmack just edging out Dugger for top score. Some other fine scores for Skill 4 with some nice improvements over earlier scores. Well done everyone! Kudos to Dugger for sharing his video, it certainly helped me improve my game! Thanks once again for partaking in this fun and aggravating adventure!
  3. "No More Moves" is part of the game. Kinda like reshuffling a deck of cards. Did you enter your initials for the 37k score and were you on Skill 6?
  4. ^Woohoo. If you took an unauthorized potty break, I'm going to have to disqualify that score.
  5. Now playing at the Colecovision High Score Club: Smurf Rescue & Bejeweled. Join us for some CV fun, it's finger blisterin' good!

  6. As a matter of fact, I used your 184K score from a few years back to help determine the bonus points for this round. You mentioned it last time we played Smurf Rescue I think.
  7. You went pretty far on your last Smurf around 108K, very impressive. You certainly have played a lot by the way you hit your marks and the double jumping, again very impressive. I have been trying to do more double jumping myself. This game is fun and aggravating to me at times, like I want to break something. I noticed around the 4:00 mark in the video, you had back to back screens in the grasslands with no bat. Quite odd.
  8. ^Right on. I have been jumping more over the bats in the grasslands than I have previously. I would also agree with you that you should never lose a life on the fence path the cave or the castle. At times I can go through all the scenes and save Smurfette without losing a life. But sometimes blow chunks and lose 2-3-4 in seconds. Your bonus has been updated.
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