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  1. Has anyone ever tried one of the replacements like nanosid,swinsid or armsid. I already have an armsid and can try it then.
  2. The Disk could be the Diskmanager Software. I got one with my second CPS99. Btw. it comes with the original packaging i bill from the first owner
  3. I have already done that. I used a working printerhead from a working printer and have the same print with the original printerhead. So i guess the printerhead works.
  4. A few year later i got another CPS99 an did the same repairs. I installed a Gotek drive too Found some help here : http://99er.net/blog/blog/2016/05/06/using-a-gotek-floppy-emulator-with-hxc-on-my-ti-994a/ It is using the FlashFloppy Firmware (https://github.com/keirf/FlashFloppy)
  5. Does anyone know how to fix a Thermal Printer PHP 1900. The printer is only printing 2 rows instead of the text (see picture) I used a different printer top/head from a working printer with the same effect so i guess the motherboard is not working. someone already had the same problem and was able to fix it
  6. You can setup your own Bildschirmtext server and give it a try: https://github.com/bildschirmtext/bildschirmtext
  7. I like the concept 🙂 Is there a way to have 32k or SAMS memory and a harddrive (image-file on the SD-card)?
  8. Don't get me wrong. It was not my intention to produce and sell SAMS boards. I'm only interested to make the boards myself for me and a few other people as i did with TIPI&32K. I don't want to make profit !! I bought a lot of stuff at arcadeshopper in the past. But buying in the US is sometimes expensive for people from europe because of shipping and taxes. Its much cheaper to build stuff for yourself with good instructions like TIPI.
  9. Will the design be public like TIPI+32K from jedimatt42 or is it only available through the store of arcadeshopper?
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