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  1. The design is open source so I want to build the board on my own without buying an expensive developer kid or cable to program the CPLD.
  2. Will this work only for updates or will it work for "fresh" CPLD also?
  3. I`m using the TL866CS ( see Post#53 )
  4. I assembled my cart today. (Thanks to ralphb for one of his prototype boards) I used my TL866CS to flash the Atmega8515.
  5. I already tried this and the Geneve boots with a standart TI Controller. The regulators are ok. both 5V regulators put 5,2 out. I noticed that the u22 socket is empty - is this normal ? I think i replace the capacitors. i check that a the weekend, thanks for the hint.
  6. arghh .... ich checked the 12V and 5V regulators in front yesterday ... and forgot the rear one i check that later.
  7. 1. no it is not but i am using karsul testboard(?) - so the card is outside of the box. 2. the led is dimmed, the disk drives light is off, the motor stops, the geneve stops working 3. i tried both, powered up and powered off - also tried only floppy and only disk drive 4. i am not sure if any of the drives is terminated. 5. there are no more cards in the box as far as i can remember everything is working a few years ago. right after that the system has been stored in my apartment and after i moved to my new house it has been stored in the basement a few month. WP_20160110_18_03_14_Pro.mp4
  8. Thanks, i try that tomorrow ( time to go to bed in germany )
  9. i tried both ... with and without a harddisk. i also tried the 1.0 bootrom (Geneve ) without success.
  10. Hi everybody, is someone out there who can repair a HFDC controller or can give some advice. After a long time i tried to reactivate my Geneve, but i cannot boot from a floppy using my hfdc. Booting with a TI Floppy-Controller is no problem. The disk-drive stops after a few seconds and the LED of the hfdc is flashing. i made a video, but i think its to big for uploading here.
  11. I would suggest to use real PC with WinXp, not a virtual machine. I had serveral problems with other USB-Devices ( Smartcard Reader ACR-122) in the past.
  12. See post #1 ...... -> http://codehackcreate.com/archives/418
  13. Their website can be found here http://www.ti-99.nl/
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