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  1. Please put me down for one, I've got a Lynx II begging to be played more ^^
  2. After some deliberation, put me down for another screen for a total of 2 screens as I may pick up another unit Been playing Block Buster on my Microvision with its slightly rotted screen; hard game but fun when you get in the zone!
  3. wazzal


    I'd like to get on the list to buy one
  4. Sent him a PM for the Lynx system and Pinball Jam
  5. Oh wow, John Vornholt (the author) is my neighbor! Had no idea he wrote a book on Primal Rage, how funny. If I ever catch him outside, I'll have to mention it to him. Anyways, free bump
  6. Very smooth and quick transaction, I would buy from him again!
  7. ^Sounds good, wolfpaw1966 I will update the thread when sold, so it is currently still available!
  8. edit: SOLD! Thanks to those interested Hello, I have a code for Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D for sale. I got it for reaching Platinum status on Club Nintendo and have not redeemed it. I have purchased numerous items on Atari Age, but this is my first sale here. I will send the code to the buyer via email or pm, whichever is preferred! $15 via PayPal Thanks for looking!
  9. Tempest 3000, Nuon Panzer Dragoon Saga, Sega Saturn Riptide GP2, Android
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