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  1. Thanks for the update. Chroma adjustment looks like the way forward for displays that don't want to play ball.
  2. Would one of these PK1's alongside a normal pokey work in a Stereo pokey card I wonder? Full features kept in the original chip but using just the sound from the PK1 (Edit I know it's an A8 question but the threads on this forum).
  3. With Ballblazer carts enevitely going to be rare after harvesting of pokeys, hopefully demand and sales pushes the costs down as Pokeyones get cheaper to make. I'd be interested in these if they were half the price, but yeah they are too expensive. They do look good though :0)
  4. yeah - bit weird, i powered up a 2600Jr and a woody 4 switcher last week with a 2amp 12VDC PSU and neither would behave despite being a brand new PSU. (wasnt a charger or anything like that - proper PSU) 7800 might be ok but i do recall this being an issue before. Ive always been ok with 9V however on any of the TIA based consoles.
  5. Ive attempted to used 12V supply on 2600 and 7800's before and this caused some strange results on the consoles. Which is kinda stage as regulators usually are fairly forgiving on larger voltages being used. A 5V input shouldn't work either and might actually cause damage if attempted for a length of time, as the components are powered but (as a result) are attempting to draw more current with the too low a voltage. Ive seen panel meters and digital display go crazy with too low a voltage and with some irretrievable damage in some cases.
  6. He might mean FCC approval for USA or CE conformity for Europe, but most folks dont really give a toss in the hobby market if an add-on is approved or not by this - as long as the product is fit for purpose.
  7. Molecule Man by Mastertronic had a decent maze designer on the flip side of the tape. Polar Pierre by Databyte had a screen designer too
  8. Ok, if folks want to list their wants over the next week or so, I can get some in. I can accomodate: 1010 Japan 1010 hong Kong 410 kit (few, ff & play) XC121 I don't know what's in a xc11, and I don't generally do counter belts. MK
  9. Hi, I stopped doing belts a,while back as demand was virtually zero. After this they sprung up in ebay for sale by others, so there should he some there. I can always get more but only if there's a general need in the community these days.
  10. I'm in mid process of doing a 130Xe and so far it's looking good. Already done my other A8's under the fiddly retrobrite process. I'm half way through a BBC Master which the top half is light cream (after 16 hrs) and bottom still yellow and away to get exposed for around the same time. Acorn Electron also getting the exposure) Amazed how much less trouble it is to do it this way and Not have a peroxide bath, stingy fingers and UV glare to deal with :0)
  11. Thanks - its interesting how the 2600, A8 (XL and XE) series got the secam treatment (albeit a crap selection of colors) and the Maria didnt. I guess the lavish color scheme was too much to dull down to greys for the palette that the Maria gives? For the latest on how to get the best from the Peritel side and avoiding black and white TIA - see here: http://eddystoys.blogspot.com/2014/08/atari-2600.html Its in French but if you download the automatic webpage translator, it comes out fairly understandable (on Mozilla anyhow)
  12. Hi Im working on an s-Video circuit for the 2600 TIA which is based on the french Secam signal. As Secam is remarkably different from NTSC and PAL this is going to be a completely different one from the existing circuits available. I have the information i need for a 2600 or 7800 on TIA to get this done, So the the TIA circuit as we know is in the 7800 and is easily adaptable, but there appears to be little or no information regarding Secam 7800's where the MARIA chip is concerned. Was there a french Maria chip for secam or was the output from this sent via Piritel(or scart) with a PAL signal outputted? Even better - if someone out there has a 7800 Schematic for Secam - that would be the ultimate want for me to proceed further,
  13. I ordered boards a few months back and have all the parts to make one easily. Just one snag is the lack of firmware and a programmer. I have a pic programmer but the IC is more exotic. Would love to continue this and would be interested if someone could help on the firmware/programming IC side?
  14. Yeah, hairdresser wholesale suplly place shave them. I have to claim I'm a hairdresser before they can sell it to me! I use creme as liquid is more dangerous for the immediate fumes and the damage that stuff does to skin.
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