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  1. Offset per tile mode + horizontal line scrolling with HDMA ? Very similar to what you can see here (Gynoug on MD) : Except you can have different V Cell scrolling on both plans on the MD (we can see it in Gynoug level 5) while on SNES the 2 plans share the same V Offset per tile if i remember correctly, am i right ?
  2. Weird, i can't edit my previous posts :-/ Here's the fixed links : Technosoft VGM compilation rom : http://bit.ly/2nw9JRN Jesper Kyd VGM compilation rom : http://bit.ly/2o74J7o Streets of Rage VGM compilation rom : http://bit.ly/2ou2k2T XGM Rom builder tool (updated to v1.2) : http://bit.ly/2nevliZ
  3. Released a new VGM compilation for XGM player This time it's a tribute to Jesper Kyd and its awesome tracks (mainly from Batman and Robin). Because of the length of the different tracks i could not put more than 26 so i had to discard a lot of them unfortunately, the selection was difficult :-/ This new compilation also introduce a new version of the XGM Player (version 2), here are the differences: - bug fixes (still some remains with fast tempo, sometime music pause without any reason) - added a way to disable the starfield background (START + A) - added a way to hidden the playlist (except current playing track) for nice blind jukebox parties (START + B) You can download the ROM from here: Download I also completed my XGM Rom Builder tool so you can build your own compilation (finally). Note that i developed the tool in java so you need Java to be installed on your system. The tool is a bit rough but it does the job hopefully, you can download the tool from here: Download
  4. Nope, Project Y has its own custom driver
  5. Oh yeah, that was sometime ago Did you see the one from gasega68k ? Even more impressive =)
  6. Don't worry, I plan to make a tool so you can build your own rom from VGM files
  7. I finally completed my XGM / VGM player that i started more than 1 year ago It's still not perfect, has some bugs (refresh, playback issues with fast tempo...) but i am happy enough with it's current state so i think it can be released =) XGM player is intended to play XGM music through the XGM driver i developed for Sega Megadrive. I developed a tool to convert Megadrive VGM file into XGM format so you can basically see the XGM player as a Megadrive VGM player... This tool is called xgmtool which is part of SGDK, you can also use it to optimize your Megadrive VGM files (and it does a very good job here compared to others tools). The main difference between VGM and XGM is that XGM allows to play up to 4 PCM at same time where classic Megadrive VGM is limited to 1 PCM channel only... that is an handy feature for game where you can play several SFX at same time through PCM channels, it can be used for richer music as well but currently no tracker support the XGM format. Another interesting part is that XGM format is optimized for Megadrive sound hardware so files are generally 25% smaller than optimized VGM. Currently i only provide a test rom to introduce the XGM player capabilities, and for that what better than a Technosoft compilation Musics from the following games are included in the rom : - Dragon's Fury - Elemental Master - Thunder Force 2/3/4 - Herzog Zwei Because of rom size limitation i could not include all tracks for those games so i made a (personal) selection of 80 tracks. You can download the rom here: https://t.co/xwc9cumECg Small animation : https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video/CnHGA82WIAAuo9B.mp4
  8. Crazy, it seems the word ram is not correctly blitted to the genesis VDP... That could be SegaCD <--> communcation troubles but i don't believe it as it would crash ealier, that could also be a problem with the word ram chip on the SegaCD or directly the dsp chip which is responsible of the logo transformation but i really doubt it can be that...
  9. Thanks It though sometime but i finally completed it
  10. The entire video is from the rom, and it does works on a stock Genesis. It's means to work on NTSC system as the video playback is 30 FPS (it will be play at 25 FPS on PAL system and such get quickly desynchronized with sound). The 2 x 4MB version work on any 4MB flashcart, the 8 MB version only work on some flash cart (as the Mega Everdrive) which allow direct mapping of large rom
  11. Highly inspired by this : http://68000.web.fc2.com/bad_apple.html I decided to do my own version of this demo for the sega megadrive I initially wanted to proof it was possible to achieve full resolution video while keeping 30 FPS playback rate. After many effort i finally completed it. 4 MB version : https://dl.dropbox.com/u/93332624/dev/megadrive/demo/BadApple_p1.bin https://dl.dropbox.com/u/93332624/dev/megadrive/demo/BadApple_p2.bin 8 MB version (without bank switch) : https://dl.dropbox.com/u/93332624/dev/megadrive/demo/BadApple.bin Note that the 8 MB version can work only with Mega Everdrive or custom flash cart supporting full 8 MB mapping (without SSF2 bank switch style). Also some special emulator can support it as well as this one : http://umk3.hacking-cult.org/2.11hack.zip The good point is that it does work on real hardware exactly as on emulator
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