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  1. After a few weeks inactivity due to a busy real life, at least I have gameplay to report. Not much, but that's how it is. Atari 2600 Moon Patrol: 8 min NES Chip 'n Dale 1: 10 min Trog: 6 min All with my son. We probably would have logged some more time, but real life interfered once more...
  2. karokoenig


  3. (still struggling with the new Forum functions...) No gameplay at all for me again. Busy week with little to no opportunity. I should get a small package with homebrews and hacks from a fellow AA member in the course of next week, which I will surely test. So here's hoping that there will be some playtime soon.
  4. The question has been asked before, I assume, but how long would a 1 mil game of Kaboom take?
  5. Atari 2600 Marspatrouille: 8 min Moon Patrol: 10 min PC (DOS) Historyline: 105 min Stumbled across a tank documentary on Youtube, and guess what? It made me want to play Historyline. As if I ever needed an excuse to play that... Managed to hit a flea market earlier today and found Marspatrouille, which is the german Quelle version of Spectravideo's Gas Hog. As far as I can see, it's identical to the original. Quelle games are fun to collect, because they have weird names and sometimes even weirder cover art.
  6. Congratulations, Jason ATARI! Please pm me with your shipping information and your two games of choice (post #17 in this thread) - or if you opt for the $15 gift certificate from the AA store.
  7. Nothing for me this week. Instead: lots of work on a tight schedule, and then a long weekend camping with wife and son.
  8. I really can't tell you, and I don't really want to bother with research for 3 minutes of gameplay on the tracker. I suggest you just put it in here for convenience. It played authentically enough and it's not going to significantly warp the statistics for this week.
  9. Nothing worth mentioning for me last week. If you want to count it: I tested an online version of the original arcade game Lunar Lander by Atari for 3 minutes or so. Visuals were authentic, but of course the cabinet's control panel could not be emulated :-). Up to you if you want to include it or not, Carlsson.
  10. As I already wrote in the Gameplay Tracker thread: Jin, I would - for several reasons - have preferred to have a different final round than this. Hope you'll recover soon, and thanks for the congrats. I can only recommend you try to play in the Paper round.
  11. Well, I have to admit the final round was a little anticlimactic for me. I definetly would have preferred to fight for that bronze medal in order to feel more like I really deserve it. Also, I think it would have been a fun competition. Had you been at the top of your game, I think I would have had a very very (very!) hard time winning this. But first and foremost, I am glad to hear you are recovering!
  12. Atari 2600 Infiltrate: 23 min Toyshop Trouble: 20 min Played these for the bronze medal in the High Score Club. It was a busy week in real life, and I hardly had any time to play and get decent scores. At the moment, however, I am more concerned about my opponent than about my scores. Jin, how are you doing?
  13. @Vocelli: I am flattered that you assume I can score 11k on Frogger. But I'm afraid you noted down my recent Toyshop Trouble score in the wrong line... Also, here's my first score for Infiltrate: 17,550 21,825. Just a tad higher than my season score. I have little to no patience for this game.
  14. Jin, how are you doing? You think you can play? I hope so. Slight improvement in Toyshop Trouble: 11,178.
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