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  1. They are European indeed. Mr. Do is the Euro international version, the other one is German. Which is great, because I am German, and the Package came from the US. Likely not all that easy to find over there. As far as I can tell, it is easier to find US games here in Europe than vice versa - because NTSC games usually just work here (with different colours), while a PAL game in a US system won't work that easily. So US imports are more common here. So... great work, Santa! Much appreciated.
  2. Well, well... There's only one thing redder (more red?) than Santa's coat - red tape! Turns out my Secret Santa package was held captive in customs, and I only got notified on Jan 3. Boy, was it worth the wait! - A letter and a half from Santa (not shown on picture) - Two vintage Atari VCS carts - An Activision patch - A very well made brand-new 6-button Genesis/Mega Drive controller - A Zelda soundtrack CD (not shown on picture) - A special treat hidden in the CD sleeve (also not shown on picture) - A brand new Lady Bug cart with manual and all the usual AtariAge treats!!! I am exceptionally happy with this bundle of gifts. Santa has put a lot of thought (and a considerable amount of cash) into this. Thank you so much, Santa! You gave me a great start into the year 2020. Very much appreciated! It was a bit on the edge, by the way. I had to open the whole package at the custom's office, and the clerk was slightly suspicious (because of the included hidden special treat) and started googling ebay prices for some items. I managed to evade paying taxes by handing him the Quelle cart as a reference, and he extrapolated the value of the rest from there - including the AtariAge homebrew ;-). Sometimes it's a good thing that not many people are into this hobby. The anoying bit was that I kindly asked him to hum "Jingle Bells" for me while I unpacked the gifts - and he refused! So rude!
  3. Mine's not arrived yet, but I'm sure it will soon.
  4. Atari 2600 Front Line (Taito, Coleco): 2 min Kaboom!: 2 min Pathetic, I know. Gonna be a while till my console is set up again. The move takes its time...
  5. No idea which thread is the good one, so I'll post in both. Front Line: 1,400.
  6. Another participation score, played with the touchpad on my laptop. No intention to punish myself any further with this. Gee, I need my setup back. Kaboom: 175.
  7. Atari 2600 H.E.R.O.: 10 minutes A quick emulated fix for the High Score Club. Console is tucked away in a box for moving
  8. Participation score again, via a quick emulator game: 69,140. Console and TV are still packed away for the coming move.
  9. Atari 2600 Commando: 7 min Oink!: 6 min Pressure Cooker: 3 min PC (DOS) Historyline: 158 min Going to move into another appartment, so expect little to no gameplay from me in the next two weeks... Thankfully, we move within the same house, just two stories down. Saves the van.
  10. 3 Medals, 19,000 points. I think I never played Commando on Atari 2600 for so long... Anyway... off with the console into a packing crate...
  11. Participation scores - before I disassemble the whole entertainment center because we're moving... Oink!: 36,712 Pressure Cooker: 450. No idea how to play, no time to find out...
  12. Atari 2600 Air Sea Battle: 9 min Dragonfire: 7 min Enduro: 10 min PC (DOS) Historyline: 184 min Something above detection limit for a change. Played some Atari with my son and a friend, and replayed one of the more challenging maps of Historyline.
  13. Now, THAT's an extra bonus point in my opinion!
  14. Set mode: Vacation. Set priority for gaming: low. High Score Club token entry: Atari 2600 Solar Fox: 5 minutes.
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