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  1. Thank you for posting Acadiel`s 512k 8k ROM collection. I was looking for this file to make it work in a real console, but still having some difficulties. maybe somebody can help me pointing me what I`m doing wrong. I couldn`t make it work on a red board, It`s seems to me that this last images is for a 379 decoder. I tried the images in a 128k x 4 board (with the 379 decoder) but the Multicart menu only start ups in one of the four possible swithcs configuration. Anybody that was able to make this image work in a real console, either with a red board or with the 128Kx4 board can help me? Thanks! Tato
  2. I've been playing around with Fred Module creator. Had the same problem regarding linking error, my problem was that the files were located in a folder with a space, ie: Target files, I renamed the folder to Targetfiles and it worked fine! Don't know if that is related to your error, but would like to share the tip to help you to troubleshoot. Best Tato
  3. Of course, I´m attaching the pics, aswell as some tips based on my learnings building the project that may help you. - Please note that Fred updated the schematics to include with or without switch option. - I did a PCB, but if you are not familiar with doing this or can´t get one done I would recommend to use a standard perforated project board. Drilling the holes at the precise location for the IC socket and the connector is not very easy. . - I kept half of the original metallic clamshell and just added a couple of nuts and washers to the original nuts to still have it as a heat disipator. ( see pics) - I couldn´t find small switches that can fit nicely in the card so I decided for a jumper-type solution using a pair of onboard male plug connectors. ( see pics). Hope this helps. Any doubt, just let me know. Best Sebastian
  4. Hi, I just received an MBX expansion system that I just bought and was trying to test if it´s working Ok. I only have two compatible games that work with the MBX system: 1) Bigfoot Command Module: I tested the joystick with this cartridge and it´s working OK! I couldn´t test the voice recognition because this cartridge doesn´t has this feature. 2)Sewermania Disk ( GPL interpreter simulator): With this program the joystick works OK, but when I try to enter the voice recognition option the system does not respond to the yes keypad that I press in the special keypad (the keypad is working because it sounds when I press it). One strange thing that I notice is that when I try this program with the MBX system turned on and attached, at the initial screen of this game and in other screens, the information displayed has some noise in the drawings. I tried in two differents TI Console System so I´m sure it´s not related with the PEB or the console. If I try the game without the MBX all the screens are OK. I don´t now if the problem is related to the MBX or maybe to the Sewermania Disk (GPL)that was not prepared to be used with an MBX attached. I would like to test if the MBX voice recognition is in working condition, I don´t know if theres is any other software available that can help me?. Any help is greatly appreciated! All the best Sebas
  5. Thank you for your answers, I don´t have Fred Kaal email, does anybody knows in which email I can contact him? Thank you Sebastian
  6. Hi, I built an HdX PCB to modify an RS232, Fred Kaal design, (http://members.ziggo.nl/fredgkaal/index.html) and now I´m ready to mount it in the original RS232 but have some doubts regarding the installations of the switchs and would like to check if somebody already did it and can help me. 1) According to the schematic view (http://members.ziggo.nl/fredgkaal/Pics/ti99hdx/ti99_rs232_dsr_ram.gif) the trace that has to be cutted is the one that goes from pin 8 of the 74LS21 (u17) to pin 1 of the 74LS125 (u6), but in the picture of the modifier RS232 card (http://members.ziggo.nl/fredgkaal/Hardware/hw_ti99hdx_card_rs232.html) the trace that is cutted is pin #3 of the 74LS125 (u6). 2) Switch 1 (SW1) is added to be able to close the previous cutted trace and also pin #1 of the 74LS125 (u6) is connected with a 10K Resistance (R6) to +5V, is that correct? Any suggestion on where to take those +5V? Could pin12/13 of the 74LS21 (u17) be used? I´ll appreciate your help! Kind regards Sebastian Magnasco
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