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  1. Gamester81 The Video Game for Colecovision Gameplay Unboxing

  2. Colecovision Pacman Fever - A Tribute to all of the Colecovision Pacmans

    1. VectorGamer


      Missing PMC Pac-Man and PMC Pac-Man Plus

    2. Manoau2002


      Yeah I know. I wanted to show a little bit from all of the different games so I figured I would focus on ms. pacman for that game. Pacman collection was the hardest to get footage for as well as I don't own that game and the rom isn't supported by most emulators.

  3. Computer Space Homebrew for the Colecovision Unboxing/Gameplay Review

  4. PONG Homebrew for the Colecovision Unboxing/Gameplay Review

    1. Kiwi


      Pretty good review :).

    2. retroillucid


      Excellent review!

    3. Manoau2002


      It is an excellent game. Thanks for developing it.

  5. Module Man Colecovision Homebrew Unboxing/Gameplay Video

    1. moycon


      Just subscribed to your channel! Good stuff man.

    2. Manoau2002


      Thanks much appreciated.

  6. Mecha-8 Unboxing/Gameplay Video

    1. Yurkie


      Looks pretty sweet! Thanks for the video

  7. Battle of Hoth Colecovision Unboxing/Gameplay

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    2. gamecat80


      Aside from the smooth parallax scrolling (which is impressive for the CV), the gameplay seems rather ho-hum.

    3. Kiwi


      There's more content than the Atari 2600 version what I saw on from bfg.gamepassion video. I really need to convince Pixelboy to make more. The parallax scrolling is very impressive!

    4. Manoau2002


      The atari 2600 from what I've played was a great game. The Colecovision version has improved sound and graphics.

  8. For those interested I uploaded 26 Colecovision Homebrew videos to my channel this year. http://www.youtube.com/user/Manoau2002

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