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  1. More Steam Codes: Finding Teddy DWRZ6-KT74X-QT0TX Onikira: Demon Killer 9GLPV-QDYM6-0L7J0 Magnetic By Nature PE8ZV-E4RZF-E49VD Silence of the Sleep L9TW8-P63GE-P0BQK The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight V49K2-N5QG9-HY6JW Z W6MJK-ZYKQI-MTPF4 Please post after you claim one or more to let others know they are gone.
  2. Opcode did discuss the possibly of releasing a Colecovision 2. I think the idea was to release it so it could support cartridge games, had native sgm support, and some extra ram so it could play some arcade games from the mid to late 80's. But given the situation with opcode the odds of this being released by him are very low.
  3. More free steam codes: Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising ZV92K-DBCYC-HJ8BX Humanity Asset Z75JY-WH5ZV-6YTHA Nosferatu: Wrath of Malachi WC8IH-XCCX2-M9XNZ Realms of the Haunting B5385-VHMRZ-JA98E Soulbringer HKVH3-37P38-KL50L Ampu-Tea HL4RK-LEDDL-MMD2M Chompy Chomp Chomp T2RTD-MPQKK-KT438 Cobi Treasure Deluxe 24VQ7-XV75I-HKBDD RADical ROACH Deluxe Edition MWNGK-8NFIH-P6LTA Please post after you claim one or more to let others know they are gone.
  4. More free steam codes: (I already own all these games) Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising 4NKVE-8A9DB-KTM42 Operation Flashpoint: Red River YEX5I-IB9EL-R59MV Overlord N48MV-F7NWG-GPP5M Overlord: Raising Hell LNMND-YIMRG-A2HIP Rise of the Argonauts Q0RYD-JMGBJ-VPJJJ Please post after you redeem to let others know if one or more are gone.
  5. See this topic: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/221017-colecovision-adam-computer-collectors-lists-updated/
  6. ed1475 461877 darthkur 286252 northcoastgamer 177225 spiceware 138988 Colecovision 133357 jblenkle 100425 roadrunner 16897 ed1475 100 darthkur 62 northcoastgamer 38 spiceware 30 Colecovision 29 jblenkle 22 roadrunner 4
  7. Season 8 - Game 11 - Mr. Do's Castle - Skill level 1 - Round Ends February 3/15 at 8:00 a.m. EST From wikipedia: The object of Mr. Do's Castle is to score as many points as possible by collecting cherries and defeating unicorn-like monsters. The game takes place in a castle filled with platforms and ladders, some of which can be flipped from one platform to another. The player controls Mr. Do as he collects cherries by using a hammer to knock out blocks that contain them from the various platforms. Empty holes left by the knocked-out blocks serve as traps for the monsters - if a monster falls into a hole, the player can then defeat it by causing a block above the monster to fall on top of it. If the player takes too long to complete a level, the monsters transform into faster, more difficult forms that occasionally multiply. The game advances to the next level when all cherries on the level have been collected or all enemies have been defeated. The player loses a life if Mr. Do is caught by a monster, and the game ends when the player runs out of lives. The game is an example of the trap-em-up genre, which also includes games like Heiankyo Alien, Lode Runner, Boomer's Adventure in Asmik World, and Space Panic. As in Mr. Do!, the player can earn an extra life by collecting all of the letters from the word "EXTRA". Regular monsters can be changed into monsters bearing the EXTRA letters by collecting all three keys distributed around the playfield and then picking up a magic shield from the top floor. Monsters in this state are easier to defeat than normal; a simple hammer strike will do the job. After a brief interval, they change back into their normal forms. The game also offers a bonus credit for collecting a rare diamond that appears on the playfield at random intervals. Colecovision HSC Highscore: Ms. Do score: 214,460 8/2011 (HSC5) Season Scores (To the end of round 10) 1. northcoastgamer 827 (7) (9) 2. colecovision 604 (10) 3. darthkur 597 (1) (10) 4. jblenkle 415 (1) (10) 5. roadrunner 207 (10) 6. manoau2002 177 (9) 7. ed1475 235 (1) (7) 8. patbb 105 (4) 9. spiceware 115 (4) 10. gavvv 80 (1) 11. s.baz 57 (2) 12. segashooters 43 (1) 13. electric adventures 27 (1) 14. donpedro 20 (1)
  8. Thanks you. To the moon is an interesting game/story. I already own a steam copy. I played it to completion.
  9. I bought the bloodshed bundle from bundle stars and used the steam codes I was interested in. Here are the others: Blood Knights LEIPE-HVI76-CIT5A Summoner LXRGP-MNWZ2-3235W To the Moon XZLFE-BETHA-JWJG6 Probably Archery 44KX4-HVDWK-QLI75 Skilltree Saga VY2L5-EWGMX-23TAA Please post after you claim one or all of these to let others know they are gone. Thanks.
  10. I played the crap out of Mario 1 and Mario 3 on the Nes. (But I paid full price for those games) I played Monopoly for the Nes a lot as well I think I paid five bucks for it at a video rental store. In more recent years I have played the fallout games a lot. (3 and new Vegas) I bought them during steam sales for less than five a piece.
  11. Well your newer systems have many different versions of the same game. (With added dlc etc.)
  12. The first nintendo thing I owned was the Nes around 1990. I bought a colecovision with donkey Kong at a garage sale a couple years later.
  13. 79 dollars overnight shipping from rylos to canada seems like a pretty good deal -lol Seriously though I see these at thrift shops quite often.
  14. I picked up a copy of lost planet 2 for the Xbox 360 and a Kodak carousel projector. Not really sure why I bought the projector but at 5 bucks I couldn't pass it up.
  15. Those are top scores of all time submissions. What I was suggesting is a tournament. (one game for two weeks multiple rounds) Since there hasn't been much interest I think I will shelf this idea for the time being.
  16. Season 8 - Game 10 - Star Wars The Arcade Game - Skill Level: Wave 2 - Round Ends Jan. 20/15 at 8:00 a.m. EST From Colecovision.dk It's the challenging action of Star Wars: The Arcade Game. Here in an exciting home video game featuring 3 different screens !. You're at the controls of Luke's X-Wing Fighter, heading straight for the Death Star. Your mission: to destroy it before the Empire seeks its revenge on the Rebel base. Lock your sights on attacking Tie Fighters and blast them with your Proton Torpedoes. Race along the Death Stat's surface, firing on giant towers. Finally, dive full throttle into the Death Star's equatorial trench. You'll need splitt-second timing to avoid all the obstacles as you streak through the trench in search of the main reactor. Hit it and you've blown the Death Star out of existence !. Good luck and may the force be with you. Season Totals (To the End of Round 9) 1. northcoastgamer 789 (7) (8 ) 2. colecovision 575 (9) 3. darthkur 535 (1) (9) 4. jblenkle 393 (1) (9) 5. roadrunner 203 (9) 6. manoau2002 177 (9) 7. ed1475 135 (6) 8. patbb 105 (4) 9. spiceware 85 (3) 10. gavvv 80 (1) 11. s.baz 57 (2) 12. segashooters 43 (1) 13. electric adventures 27 (1) 14. donpedro 20 (1)
  17. Round is over. Round Scores Northcoastgamer 114000 darthkur 113923 jblenkle 105840 Colecovision 89618 roadrunner 55614 Manoau2002 27321 ed1475 14796 Round Points Northcoastgamer 100 darthkur 100 jblenkle 93 Colecovision 79 roadrunner 49 Manoau2002 24 ed1475 13
  18. I checked google play a couple weeks ago and didn't really see any alternatives. There are a few forums that use a custom made app for their forums. I wonder if anyone here would have the talent/time to make such a thing for atariage.
  19. This would be great. The box and case that come with opcodes sgm are nice but more than anything I just want to be able to play already released and future sgm games.
  20. I am not a sports fan or much of a video game sports fan either. One year for Christmas as a child I received a copy of Wayne gretzky hockey for the NES. I remember playing that against my dad on several occasions. When I bought a Wii I really enjoyed the tennis game included with Wii Sports. I played it for several hours.
  21. Looking back on my goals for 2014 the only one I completed was to collect several new homebrews this year. I only added a couple original games. I didn't buy a regular Adam computer. That being said my video game collection as a whole has grown a lot over the last year. I really need to start a new thread in the show your collection section of the forum.
  22. Holidays are usually busier then regular days at my workplace. That and my boss works close by.
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