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  1. That manual for Wiz Math could be quite a valuable item. Same with the super sketch stuff.
  2. Ive opened up a few games to attempt to use there shells for multicarts and destroyed the labels only to find out that the multicart pcp didnt fit. I played more games via emulation than on original hardware. ( even though I own the games and systems) Also I am very tempted to sell my cart and CIB games and go the multicart/everdrive route for all my games.
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  4. I've never owned an SNES but it looks like a great game. Hope it turns out great.
  5. Yeah I got the same letter and confirmation when I replied. Are these modules 100 percent completed? If so why haven't they shipped yet? If not what still needs to be done?
  6. You can download all of the original cv roms from the Colecovision Rom update project that is stickyed to the main page of the colecovision forums here at atariage. After downloading and installing bluemsx you have to change the machine type to colecovision. The default is msx 1. You can do that in the programs settings. After that you choose to load a Rom and pick one of the Rom ( game) files you downloaded.
  7. Season 8 - Game 8 - Looping - Skill Level One - Ends Dec. 23 8:00 a.m. EST From the instruction Manual: Strap on your goggles, rev up the engines and take off! Your Looping plane soars over a world unlike any you've ever imagined. Fire bullets into a rocket station to open the gate. Beware of launched balloons! Test your flying accuracy and sense of direction by steering your plane through a maze of pipes. You survived? Stranger perils await. There are rooms full of green drops, twinkle monsters and bouncing balls. Can you outsmart them all and reach The End? Season Totals (To the end of Round 7) 1. northcoastgamer 589 (5) (6) 2. colecovision 424 (7) 3. darthkur 404 (1) (7) 4. jblenkle 230 (1) (7) 5. roadrunner 152 (7) 6. manoau2002 147 (7) 7. patbb 105 (4) 8. ed1475 88 (4) 9. spiceware 85 (3) 10. gavvv 80 (1) 11. s.baz 57 (2) 12. electric adventures 27 (1) 13. donpedro 20 (1) Colecovision High Score Club Record Ed1475 score: 238,635 7/2009
  8. Round Scores northcoastgamer 188120 colecovision 130980 darthkur 64820 jblenkle 52020 ed1475 33960 manoau2002 33560 roadrunner 15950 Round Points northcoastgamer 100 colecovision 70 darthkur 34 jblenkle 28 ed1475 18 manoau2002 18 roadrunner 8
  9. The YouTube video I linked above is my own video so you will hear my opinion throughout. I haven't played bank panic a lot. It's not my favorite colecovision game but it's ok. I think it would be a better game if you used a lightgun.
  10. What is bank panic? http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BvVPmjCQZVg#
  11. Two very different items. The colecovision flashback is mostly for people who don' t own a colecovision and are feeling nostalgic or think the games look cool. As a collector, I bought the flashback mostly because it looks good on a shelf with my other colecovision items. The Atarimax cart is for people who like to play games on real hardware. They use the atarimax cart because 1) they don't own every game 2) convenience- just load up a game instead of going to grab another 3) They want to keep their cart/cib games in mint condition 4) Play homebrews or prototype games with no cartridge release
  12. Antarctic Adventure - Colecovision Fallout New Vegas - Pc Frontlines Fuel of War - Onlive (pc)
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  14. Assuming that you are talking about originally released games Wiz Math and Super Sketch are very rare expensive games especially CIB. But there are also homebrews, and prototype games.
  15. The colecovision version is really good. I played the Nes version as a kid but I don't remember much.
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  17. I bought a boxed master system from theatarifan . It arrived quickly and in great condition.
  18. First time I've ever been in that store. They actually have some interesting toys and electronics. When I saw that store being built I figured it would just be towels and stuff. Didn't see any other male customers in the store. I don't think it's a coincidence that it's next to the Cabela's (fishing and hunting). Men go one place, women go the other.
  19. Checked out the bed, bath, and beyond in a nearby city and left with a coleco and intellivision flashback Sent from my HTC Desire 601 using Forum Fiend v1.2.14.
  20. I picked up my copy from the post office this morning. Can't wait to try it out.
  21. Yeah that's pretty much what I did except I used the feed from the vcr to record to a DVD recorder. The problem is with each added piece of electronics it reduces the video quality and the result is quite poor.
  22. I wondered if anyone here has tried recording video from a colecovision using one of these boxes: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Digital-To-Analog-TV-Converter-Box-With-Remote-HDMI-RCA-RF-USB-PVR-Recording-/361121790054?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5414893866 Would this work? Or does anyone have any suggestions of something else that would/might work? I have made some recording using a vcr to convert the signal to a dvd recorder and the result is pretty fuzzy. I own a regular unmodified colecovision.
  23. Nice haul of stuff. I don't think I've scene one of those game boy battery packs since I had one as a kid.
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