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  1. Devalis

    Game Idea

    With this all said, i am going to take a crack at coding my own game sometime soon, not sure how far I'll get, but you never now 'till you try eh?
  2. Devalis

    Game Idea

    I've been chewing on this idea for a 2600 game, pretty simple one actually, but I'm not a programmer..
  3. Devalis

    Game Idea

    Anyone ever get ideas for games and then realize you don't have the chops for programming?
  4. Suppose I could do a Dpad, four buttons in a "diamond" layout ala SNES and have a mode switch that would do dual stick or fire buttons, but it would be more complicated electronically. I would have to figure out where to put an analog stick, but I want to keep the feel of the 5200.
  5. The whole idea was to make something that looks like it belongs with the 5200, like Atari would have designed it. I may use PS or GameCube style joysticks or one I found that looks good here http://www.skycraftsurplus.com/0949rjoystickwpots.aspx If i get around to modeling it, I'm sure the shape will change some. I wonder if there would be any demand for it if I made some.
  6. Well, if I had a 3D printer, I could print it as a solid piece, then I could judge how it feels. We have one at work that is just sitting, might try to nab it for some test run.
  7. It's for the two or three dual stick games that are supported. One would either have to have like an 18 conductor cable and break out another 15 pin connector for the player 2 port, or add a TRS jack and let you patch it in to the player 2 port with a separate cable. The idea was to use an actual rubber keypad from a 5200 controller and just have it sit on top of tact switches. The same would apply for the three function keys.
  8. Just something I drew up as an idea. it's not to scale, just a concept. I'm considering getting the ball roller on trying to build one, just not sure on trying to get the shell done. Anyway, I'd love to hear comments on it! 5200 controller.bmp
  9. I have recently gotten a Vectrex with the white dot problem, except mine doesn't have audio. Sometimes when you turn it on, you will hear some odd sounds, but it's feint. All voltages are present, I pulled all the socketed chips and cleaned them, no change. the dot will also move from one power up to the next.
  10. Anyone here do Coleco repairs/mods?
  11. just reviving this to see if anyone has a power knob they could sell.
  12. I've had some things come up, so I am not going to be able to buy that Coleco, retrolucid.
  13. I wonder if any Z80 can be used in the coleco, long as it's 40 pin.
  14. I am going to be dong them today online, so probably this week is when i would get it in
  15. can you hold on until i get my tax return?
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