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  1. Humble request. I've looked all over for answers and just can't seem to find the solutions to these questions for the Kat5200 emulator: 1) How to get Bounty Bob Strikes Back to run: I see in the launcher where you can set up "automatic" or "40k Bounty Bob" cart types, but no matter what I select it just won't launch. I've got it running in other emulators, but prefer the simplicity of kat5200. I've tried several different roms, ones with "a52" and "bin" (all unzipped) and none of them run. 2) Trackball: Trying to use this for Missile Command but can't get it configured to work. I have a trackball that's connected to work like a mouse (part of an usb connected arcade board from rec room masters). I've tried setting the controller inputs to "Trackball", then setting up/down/left/right to mouse inputs. Not sure what Device Number it should have but tried "0" and "1". Toggled "Simulate Analog" on and off. Nothing seems to work. No matter what I try, either is does nothing, or any directional roll of the trackball causes the Missile Command targeting icon to inch down the screen. 3) Command Lines: I'm still confused on how to call functions in the command line. I'm using Launch Box as a front end, and trying to figure out what command line to use to call controller profiles. I have a standard two joystick profile where 90% of my games work with, then I have a different profile for Gorf because of the joystick sensitivity issue, and I'll need a third profile for Missile Command and the trackball (maybe I'll need a fourth profile for Bounty Bob, not sure). How do I call these different controller profiles in the command line? Thanks SO much for any help you could provide!
  2. Holy Cow, I think you got it!! Funny, I don't remember it being a laserdisc game, but I don't really remember too much about the game play. The keyboard looks like what I remember though. Thank you, Red 5, for your help!!
  3. I'm looking for the title of a classic coin-op arcade game, probably from the late 80's to early 90's era. I don't remember much about the game play, except that it might have been a quest/adventure type of game. The game was unique, in my memory, because I believe it had a keyboard. At least I remember it having all the letter keys. The game also allowed you to save your progress with a unique player name and password so that you could come back later and play. Can you please name that game? It's driving me crazy. Also, while we're at it, were there any other classic arcade games that allowed you to save your game like this. I'm talking about those that save your progress through an adventure type, instead of the more modern games that save your acquisitions (such as your upgrades to cars/boats/etc). Thank you SO MUCH for your help.
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