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  1. been playing a lot of XCOM 2 and a bit of Paladins
  2. too late, NMS is a dead horse by now, no DLC will bring any hype to the game. Over here in Mexico Walmart sold the retail copies for less than 4usd brand new as nobody was buying the game anymore.
  3. Every NIS America title, Atlus titles and tons of anime games from Bandai, Horizon Zero Dawn and many more are not on the Xbox One no.
  4. i love my PS4, but yeah not much interest in this board for newer consoles, more for classic stuff., threads barely got replies and my interest to post about PS4 died a bit
  5. after all this time, surprised to see this thread is still alive, wow! Also lmao @ the pic!
  6. Ego. As i stated before he somehow felt delusions of grandeur trying to be the man that brought back cartridge based gaming to the industry. He wanted to be remembered for that at all cost. As we have seen how he simply stated he wont be answering anymore questions, shows how humble he is.
  7. while i'm exited for this game, i feel is one of tose games i will feel bored to do the same after a week, massive yes, trying to be a jack of all trades and not mastering a single of them? seems to be No Man's Sky.
  8. Stories: The Path of Destinies and Disgaea 5
  9. a bit off topic, noticed how RetroGamingTube 85 and Gamester81 are hyping the Colecovision 2 (the opcode) as if it was real? no wonder they drank Mike's Kool Aid so easy.
  10. "we have the best writers in the industry writing for us" Mike said, really? then why RETRO sucks so bad... Typical Mike lying and trying to sell something that isnt there
  11. Since he posted that i have been wondering, is he throwing under the bus David Giltinan too? Afterall he was the face of RETRO and the editor in chief before he left after the DVR fiasco. Who else could have been responsable for the magazine if not him.
  12. my backlog on the 360 is quite big, been trying to finish Fable 3 and some LEGO Star Wars
  13. while i do own a PS4, been considering to buy it on PC as well
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