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  1. nice work i like the 3d printed paddle..... if you dont sell them or when you are done with this project please share your work... i like those cool project
  2. do you have a similar way to dump gradius? i have the dumper and all those cart that dont dump like ghost buster and secret of moai so i will add the ground to pin 13 for risky rick
  3. will the game use the same cartridge as the colecovision
  4. i tought this game was for the nes at first
  5. yes you can... milli vee was selling some i dont know if they are still aviable and rey build some too but i dont think he will offer another run...
  6. i put my name for 2 controller since i play everyday with the famicom ntt controller and they are awesome..opcode controller are very close so cant dislike them
  7. is there a problem when using the sgm and the extra ram in the adam cause 52h and 42h are very simillar
  8. it will be a painfull job to install this board since you have to unweld the z80 to install a socket... if its a personal project good
  9. i start playing monster hunter its an rpg.. that would be awesome if someone could port this game too...
  10. yes but he is modding all his console so he s probably looking for a good picture and there is not a lot of option for the coleco...
  11. https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/ogorMaoU pal https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/bvflkA1B ntsc i think its your best choice.... if you dont go to f18a.. cause if i remember right the ypbpr kit you want had color problem with black looking blue..
  12. that suck i join the club to get the early release that i miss.. at least i will get a new cib game
  13. you dont need to wreck the lable to open the coleco remove 6 screews under then pry a little bit it will open.. there is video on youtube
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