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  1. yes 1 port per axis .. my steering use an rotary encoder you can see the signal is clean ....
  2. you dont need to hack all these games .. use an arduino to read ps2 trackball than output with optocoupler to the coleco in joystick pulse this way only one port is needed ... you could have 2 player game ..or you could use the code from evg2000 paddle project with the attiny85 his project read encoder and translate to pulse... his code take care of the speed too .. ( doubledown love old arcade parts) 😉.... i did a mouse to coleco with an arduino....read mouse data convert it to joystick movement... plenty of option no need to hack the games... you can see a video of the mouse to cv playing operation wolf ....
  3. you will get 10 pcb for less than 10$ if you order them from china ... ic can be found on ebay for maybe 15$ ... sgm is 90$ i think... but you get a freaking nice device with case and box.. they make a special adam color run right now
  4. the ay board work with all the sgm game i have tested and i have most of them.. gauntlet works too... maybe the game will crash at some point didnt play that much... the ay board is a cheap solution if you build it your self.. if you buy from someone with shipping i think you should buy a sgm...
  5. are we close of the 200 mark.....2 boxed game can change people mind about jumping in or not
  6. major packaged goods compagny this is the key... collectorvision are people like us not major compagny so yes they are affected by post delay and everything that cause the delay... and they also have jobs and familly...
  7. I found that the order in which I load the vram affects the result
  8. is there a special way to.call sprites with the f18a.. i should be able to put 32 sprites on the same line.. but i can't... im trying to do it with pvcollib... thanks
  9. some years ago i think someone was working on one i dont know what happen to this project. i think the code was done for the arduino... i made a mouse adapter for the colecovision with an arduino so probably the jag can be done too.. but you need a external power source cause no 5v in the coleco controller port
  10. yes exactly so it should not be a bigdeal to mod the code to use the aimtrack... but it take.game to go with it... cause new hardware with out game its useless
  11. yes next step aimtrack😅
  12. i have everything i need the sce to test something
  13. im looking for slither sce rom... i cant find it and if someone have all the game that amy hack to sce please thanks
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