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  1. some years ago i think someone was working on one i dont know what happen to this project. i think the code was done for the arduino... i made a mouse adapter for the colecovision with an arduino so probably the jag can be done too.. but you need a external power source cause no 5v in the coleco controller port
  2. yes exactly so it should not be a bigdeal to mod the code to use the aimtrack... but it take.game to go with it... cause new hardware with out game its useless
  3. yes next step aimtrack😅
  4. i have everything i need the sce to test something
  5. im looking for slither sce rom... i cant find it and if someone have all the game that amy hack to sce please thanks
  6. its to compare to the sgm... 1200 sgm but most of us have a least 2 so probably 600 or 700 owner of sgm... if i read most of the post people are buying another phoenix... so it remain the same.group of people who buy coleco stuff not a lot of new user...
  7. how many units have been sold for the 2 run?
  8. JF jai ecouter back.to the future a la tele je crois que je suis rester pris dans le temps sgm clone et coleco branding🤣
  9. we need the pheonix to support the sp0256 this will give robot voice
  10. i have one still in the package i received it ... i can sell it to you
  11. than i will.continue to investigate... i just found out where is the card reader😅
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