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  1. than i will.continue to investigate... i just found out where is the card reader😅
  2. than i will.continue to investigate...
  3. someone finished that game... im stuck in the old prison i have the map i manage to see the door but there is a trap just before i can reach the f..... door and cant find a.way to go over it.. im probably missing an item but im pretty sure i explore every room on every floor... little hint please here my save game so you could look if im missing an item
  4. adding the spinner its not hard but you need to add a power source too so i think its what will bug..
  5. for sure i will replay this game
  6. i just finished the game... i wish the game was really longer cause the end come pretty fast.. great work guys really love this game..
  7. nice work i like the 3d printed paddle..... if you dont sell them or when you are done with this project please share your work... i like those cool project
  8. do you have a similar way to dump gradius? i have the dumper and all those cart that dont dump like ghost buster and secret of moai so i will add the ground to pin 13 for risky rick
  9. will the game use the same cartridge as the colecovision
  10. i tought this game was for the nes at first
  11. yes you can... milli vee was selling some i dont know if they are still aviable and rey build some too but i dont think he will offer another run...
  12. i put my name for 2 controller since i play everyday with the famicom ntt controller and they are awesome..opcode controller are very close so cant dislike them
  13. is there a problem when using the sgm and the extra ram in the adam cause 52h and 42h are very simillar
  14. it will be a painfull job to install this board since you have to unweld the z80 to install a socket... if its a personal project good
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