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  1. Yes. Luckily I have. I should have a Sears somewhere. Plan B is the flashback. My two 2609 and now my INTV 2 present problems. I think that the capacitors inside are failing. They are getting too old...
  2. Small improvement: Oscar G. 36,580 (after this my console died
  3. Yes definitely. An early blast to one of the purple ones at the top of the screen is sweet. I also try to hit them at the top right corner. Cheers.
  4. Probably, the red version is all "action" whereas the blue one is too "spacey"
  5. Hello, I am happy to know that the HSC is back! Thanks Jacob for organising it and a big hello to all here. This is my first score: Oscar G. 33,140 Cheers!
  6. Interested. Thank you. PM to follow. Cheers. O
  7. The dual control method makes a big difference to survive on the long run on games like Tron Deadly Discs. Using the dual control method is the only way I've been able to hit the 1 million points mark. Cheers.
  8. RIP Neil Peart. One of the greatest, if not the greatest. Saw Rush Live in Toronto back in 2002. Incredible.
  9. Amazing work! Congrats. Good luck with the rest of the project. Happy to hear that you thought about the warp zones 😉 Cheers and good luck.
  10. Wow! Great to know that you opened the DK Jr! Happy to help. Cheers, from Belgium
  11. Great pics. Thanks. I hope that you are rested and had a successful event. Cheers. O
  12. Wow! Impressive. Well done and keep up the good work. Great game.
  13. Cool set up my friend! Good luck with the event. Cheers.
  14. Carol vs Ghost. The animations, the music/sound effects, graphics but above all the sweet controls. I thing that this game pushed the limits in many departments. Cheers.
  15. It was fun to meet my namesake: Oscar is not only a great programmer but he is also an extremely kind human being. It was a pleasure to meet the Toledo's! Cheers to all from Mexico!
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