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  1. I am looking for some money to finance a project really...But you can always tempt me with a trade 😋 PM me
  2. Hi guys, I put up a couple of items on marketplace. Check the following link if interested http://atariage.com/forums/topic/283775-fs-intellivision-home-brews-psycho-stormtroopers-orphan-overlays-other/ Cheers, Oscar
  3. Hi everyone, I am selling the Intellivision items pictured below: Psycho Stormtrooper's Orphan Overlays series 3 (sealed) Super Video Arcade overlay set (sealed) All items are in like new condition. See pictures. If interested send me a PM with an offer. Cheers, Oscar G.
  4. Muchas Felicidades Tocayo. Soy Ingeniero de la UNAM. Un gran saludo desde Bélgica...
  5. Hello Emanuele, It is my understanding that there are only 3 big industry related conventions: for the US the E3, for Japan the Tokyo Game Show and for Europe the Gamescom in Koln. These events are mainly business-related and their main focus is for video game companies to announce their new products to the press and/or to sign distribution deals (hence the focus on each big market: US, Japan and Europe). These events are normally held for the press and industry (developers, distributors, etc.). The Gamescom is special because after its business day, it allows consumers to visit, hence its popularity. Gamescom is the only of the 3 big industry-events that eventually opens the door to ordinary folk. There are other events that focus more on playing or celebrating games rather than on the business side. In Belgium we have the Comecon, Made-in-Asia or Facts. I have heard that Lucca Comic in Italy is quite a thing. Cheers,
  6. Great place. Plenty of interesting things to see and to do. Looking forward to meeting you and Arnauld. Cheers.
  7. Hello all! This article appears in the latest issue of Retro Gamer (183, Tetris Cover). Enjoy!
  8. Hey Rickster, Congratulations! I hope that your thumb recovers after this monumental achievement. Cheers! O
  9. Game looks fantastic. I'm interested in a physical release. Please add me to the pre order list. Thanks.
  10. I'm interested in this game. Please put my name in the list. Thanks.
  11. Hi, Great to know that I will finally be able to play this amazing game on my Pal/Scart console. I have been waiting for years for such a release. I'm definitely up for one. Thank you Mike for making this possible! Cheers.
  12. Right: Oscar G. Wardrobe courtesy of mthompson
  13. Interesting. I did not know that there was a Retro section in the Gamescom convention. Has anyone ever been? Good luck to Intymike in the event. Cheers!
  14. I used Nurmix's dual controller to break the 1 million points barrier in Tron Deadly Discs last year during the HSC This was my best ever score at almost 1.5 million points. The controller proved to be very useful to survive the waves of orange warriors that start appearing once the 1 million points barrier is breached. The "dual-end" of the controller is connected to both controller ports of the INTV 2 console as seen in the bottom of the picture.
  15. Thanks for organising this contest. Awesome game(s) and prizes. Best wishes! The last digit for me is 7
  16. Hi, I would like to reserve #74 please. Thanks.
  17. Thank you very much for the kind words. I am pretty sure that if the season had lasted longer the results would have been too close to call You are an awesome player and it was lots of fun to review all those classic games with you and all the other great players in the club. My gratitude also goes to all the participants for making this such an enjoyable experience. By the way, you were unbeatable in (almost) all the CBS/Colecovision games played during the season Special thanks go to Jacob for organising the tournament! The Intellivision will always be my favourite console, but I think I am going to give some love to my other consoles as well (I have a couple of new MVS and PC Engine games waiting to be played). Cheers to all!
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