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  1. Ahh... "Flames on the second level"... I always thought they were ducks On second thoughts they look more like chainsaws A quick analysis of the game over screens posted in this thread shows that most of the times our game finishes in the second screen in the hands of the flames, ducks, chainsaws, whatever. Cheers.
  2. This is really an extremely good score. Impressive! Congratulations
  3. I also like the game a great deal and I really enjoy playing this version. Despite the glitches the game is playable and (more importantly) fun. Unfortunately not many people share these thoughts and the game has a terrible reputation. It seems that we are among the few people interested in playing it ... Cheers!
  4. Thanks. I agree with you: bugs and glitches are a nuisance. Nonetheless, the game is fun and addictive I guess that is the nature of the beast, right? We are not only competing against DK but also against the Coleco programmers. Cheers!
  5. Actually the game gets extremely tough at around the 80k.... No extra life at 100k. Sad.
  6. My unit arrived well and works fantastic. The image on the new TV is Cristal's clear and the Intv really shines in the 21st century. Way to go Byte Knight! (I hope that Nintendo hires you to make their latest NES console)
  7. Can I play with madness - Iron Maiden
  8. Thanks for the kind words. I had a fun day and won my first round on this day. Perfect. Cheers and read you around!
  9. 310 k? You mean 410 k ... right? ... Seems to me that you are already sipping margaritas by the pool Enjoy!
  10. Lol! I'd rather you have a drink by the pool ... You could have a drink in my name as today is my birthday!
  11. Thought you will appreciate it. I'm a big fan and extremely happy with the season so far. I hope they will make it to the play-offs. Cheers. O
  12. Welcome! Amazing first score! Are you using the shield? (Press the side buttons for this) timely use of the shield should be enough to get to Skeletor at the end of the screen. Shiel and run, shield and run until you get to Mr Bones. Don't waste too much time though because there is a time limit. You have to use this time to get to Skeletor 3 times before the game restarts again. Cheers!
  13. Agree with you about the flashback controllers. Their side-action buttons are very soft. Many people criticise the disc. There is no problem at all with it. However, the original side buttons are extremely rigid. They literally destroyed my thumbs.
  14. Thanks for the info about the other games that don't work on the Intv 2. I'll check if the cc3 does the trick. The game is a tad bit glitchy (some jumps over barrels don't score or picking up the hammer is difficult). However, it is lots of fun. Back in the day I played it a lot as games were expensive and once you spend your precious savings on them you'll have to fully enjoy them. Cheers, O
  15. I had the same problem with my Intellivision 2. Neither the US nor the European versions worked on the Intv 2. However, the cuttle card 3 made the trick
  16. Indeed, Skeletor is almost impossible to get in the later levels. The shield is useless against those lighting bolts and I find myself running out of time...
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