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  1. All that game playing was hungry work...
  2. Very true words from Lars. Sometimes it can be hard enough just getting a response from those who say they're interested!
  3. Yes, but try doing that today, and the story is rather different!!! ApolloBoy definitely scored a bargain in my book, I'd be very happy to pick up a Jaguar these days for 25 GBP. (When have flea-shop/retro game stores reflected the bargain prices you might obtain if you're lucky?) Retro gaming (and even worse, pure collecting by people who don't play the games they hoard) have reached epidemic proportions, it seems to me! I was in Amsterdam yesterday, I visited a great little computer shop with a great retro-gaming section, and I think the Jaguar was going for around €100. Buying a unit from other European dealers, mail-order, new will be about the same. At Classic Gaming Expo in the UK just two weeks ago, 16/32 Systems was selling new boxed Jaguars with shrink wrapped Kasumi Ninja into the deal for £33. In all cases I'm talking about new, not used, but anyway, welcome to the Jaguar scene, ApolloBoy. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun ahead.
  4. MyAtari bought its Jaguar brand new from Telegames at a show for £15, and some time after that, it was possible to pick up the same package, again, new, across UK high streets for a paltry £9.99! See http://www.myatari.net/issues/feb2002/game.htm
  5. This is mainly for those who attended the very successful JagFest UK 2004 and are looking for another fun day together, until the next event. Of course, others are welcome, too. If you want to join us for curry night and/or a day of London sightseeing, contact me now (otherwise I can't guarantee a seat at the restaurant). It's in just three weeks so hurry and register your interest now.
  6. This is in fact based on a real Atari car window sticker issued many years ago.
  7. That was Retrovision 4, the weekend after JagFest. I'm the lucky one who has to write both reports for MyAtari... Paolo, have you already forgotten last year's JagFest special issue?! http://www.myatari.net/issues/jul2003/rotary.htm
  8. OK you asked for it...
  9. It's very hard indeed, I've done it, and I don't mind if I never have to do it again. Nice job by the way, like the stripe! Is that a stick-on vinyl strip? Or is it masked and sprayed?
  10. http://www.dentrassi.com/Jagfest.zip by Rob Perry of Gamebase ST DiVX format
  11. Yep, you're impatient. We poor Falcon users have waited seven years since the last demo of New Beat's Willie's Adventures, a brilliant Rayman style platformer with great graphics and music.
  12. Ah, well if you had been at the MyAtari stand...
  13. Pizza was all gone by the time I wandered in to the right room. Here are some pics of original Atari UK print advertising material, consisting of films (both positive and negative monochrome, and CMYK on separate layers) for making plates, colour proofs on glossy thick paper/card and hand-drawn concepts (many of which didn't make it to press). We only had space to show these after team member Thomas Wellicome left on the Saturday, and even then we could have really used a whole extra table.
  14. Drat, I forgot they come out in reverse order. Where's that edit button gone?
  15. Will be more in the MyAtari report, but it went roughly like this:
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