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  1. Vicky was also compressed. And all games from Sonix: Master Head Tactic Deimos Humanoid Inside ?
  2. More trainers ab1088(trn)2.xex Black lamp_trn.xex planb_trn.xex Simple Minds(trn).xex
  3. some of them are my old trainers :)
  4. Poison, tray this Pacem in Terris (2001-2002)(Quasimodos)(Pl).xex
  5. thanks, the .dlhistory works correctly
  6. The "dlist" command does not display properly.
  7. Runner Bear +2 Runner Bear (trn).xex
  8. sprite bug: Castle defender bug.mkv
  9. The Reference screen is from amiga demo "State of the art" by Spaceballs hacked version by Skid Row.
  10. it seems ok, I did not notice any problems I did trainer only for lives
  11. Shamus don't work on Altirra and real hardware. Shamus (1982)(Synapse Software)(US)(trn).xex
  12. Diamondz2 trainer. Enjoy dia2(trn).xex
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